1. All RAS. There is also one other variation where the bottom rail clamps just like the top of a RAS. It’s called the SAS. It’s the most sturdy option.

  2. I don’t think you are following. There is RIS and RAS and very similar. Not sure why.

  3. I thought you were saying you had RIS and RAS pictured, but everything pictured is RAS, is what I was trying to say. RIS rails are numbered with odd numbers and count from the other direction and clamp at the front HG retainer.

  4. I've seen the black ones hover around $400. Personally I've bought one salty ass tan one for $750 (literally NONE were available for months) and more recently another minty tan one for $525, both within the last 7 months or so.

  5. Holy $hit, $700? Damn, I had a tan one that actually had all the markings plus the little tag they use for inventory, and and when I sold it I practically had to give it away. (Wishin I still had it of course.)

  6. I was even more autistic and impatient about cloning than I am now, lol.

  7. Beautifully done. I had an m962 and an m952 in the same configuration you’ve with the gen 1 sopmod body, with the gen 1 bezel and sw02 cap.

  8. Easier to pretend it’s not you from behind?

  9. I think it’s either the police’s drone or the news station’s drone

  10. That makes sense. The jump cuts made it look continuous like the drone was already on scene. And I’m sure they use every excuse they can think of to use their drone.

  11. The video of the crash is clearly CCTV of one of the shops. The rest of the videos from a journalist

  12. CCTV makes a lot more sense than a drone. Good catch.

  13. Mach 36? Would a typical camera or CCC even capture something going that fast.

  14. It’s the other way around, and stil largely debunked. 5.56 fired out of a designated .223 may cause premature wear. There is a slight difference in the chamber of 5.56 and .223 ar’s, and .223 is an intermediate chamber that works decently with both. The only difference between a 5.56 and .223 ar, is the size of the throat in the chamber from what I remember.

  15. Wasnt trying to shit on u. Just looking out for the community. Ur post looked a little sketchy so I pointed it out to remind people to be careful. Lotta scammers out here.

  16. I totally agree about the scams going on here, but just commenting “looks sus” is equivalent to shitting on my post in my opinion. Saying, “those pics suck, got any better?” would’ve gotten the same point across without implying that I may be a scammer. I have over 300 positive deals on arfcom and now roughly 14 or 15 on Reddit as I’m still new here, and this is the first time I’ve ever been called “sus” so I took it personal. The other equipment exchanges don’t make you blur out lower receivers, other wise I wouldn’t have cropped the original photo.

  17. This is troubling. I had no idea Everest looked this bad. I’d heard about some garbage problems - but, damn. This looks like a trash heap.

  18. From what I’ve read, climbing Everest as well as some other popular attractions, can be equated to waiting for a crappy Disney ride for hours on end. It’s really like any other tourist attraction anymore and where there is people, there is peoples garbage.

  19. So pristine! /s Man, humans really are the worst.

  20. That is cute as hell, and I hope to be there someday with my wife. No offense but this should also be posted on oddly terrifying. Nothing about it should be terrifying, yet I feel oddly uneasy looking at the pics. Again, I apologize for any offense. Just another dumb redditors opinion is all.

  21. Unpopular opinion: Being proud of something you have zero control over is as dumb as being chastised for something you have zero control over. Humans are stupid. Yes, I’m saying I’m stupid too. If the teacher/school were to let “Brown pride” in, then they’d also have to let “white pride” in. We are all humans and dividing us up by color was the biggest trick the elite ever pulled, and we fall for it again and again.

  22. Get over yourself. The Egyptian pyramids are not UFO’s. You’re nuttier than squirrel shit, and at least squirrel shit serves a purpose.

  23. I am a glowie. I’m fbi and im only here to spread disinformation on a topic that has zero real information. Easiest money ever. LiKE wHat iF AliEns WerE like DOlPhiN’s Man? Yea, smoke another one. Quit responding to me or I’ll report you to the alien council. You may or may not like what they do to your sweet little bunghole.

  24. Is there adjustable cant with the fobus? Also, is that white pc some sort of release?

  25. The white piece is a holster lock/release yes. It does have height adjustments i believe

  26. Can you adjust the angle the holster sits at? Like can it tip forward? I think they call it the “cant”. Does it have an adjustable cant?

  27. Haha, it’s definitely a neat room to dig around in old totes and see what treasures you can find lol.

  28. Is that the reticle used for those crazy ground worms with Kevin Bacon?

  29. Have anymore peq/dbal pressure pads? I didn’t see any dibs for it yet, but I see it’s crossed off. Hit me up if you have another or if that one is still available. Thank you!

  30. No worries, I saw it when you first posted it, but didn’t realize it also works for insight m6x…etc.

  31. I wonder if they're trying to perfectly center it under the FSB, as opposed to canting it. Link that arfcom thread if you can

  32. I saw quite a few where it was canted. But there was one thread about a person trying too make it perfectly centered directly under the fsb.

  33. That's a cool look, won't work on a suppressed Gordy. When I try it I'll let you know, information is power.

  34. Awesome. Thank you! Yeah, I came across an arfcom thread where they were talking about having to Drexel/grind the top just a little for it to work with the fsb, but there weren’t any pics so take it with a grain of salt.

  35. I want that adm mount. I may just have to get it all to get it. I just realized I know you from arfcom. IIRC you had Patrick as one of your profile pics. Or was it squidward? I can’t recall, either way I think I’ve bought from you there too.

  36. Good to see you again. I need to get back over there and browse the EE some. Too many things I want so I try to take some time away every so often.

  37. If it goes bang when it matters, then it’s the best gun in the world.

  38. I like diemaco I put an upper together a while back 14.5 barrel Cerro forge gg&g free floating gaurd and the BCG was all diemaco

  39. Nice. I’ve got an early devgru cqbr clone with the ggg 1201 currently. The first ar I ever bought was a pistol back in 2010 and it came with the ggg rail. Once I saw they were used I had to make a clone with it.

  40. Nice! That’s the cleanest one I’ve seen. My

  41. Have you heard the most recent ruling regarding bumpstocks? Basically the atf isn’t going to be allowed to keep re-interpreting laws. I mean they can, but it will be challenged and likely thrown out now that there is a precedent set with bumpstocks. The atf is overstepping and finally they are getting put in their place.

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