1. It has to be one of my all time favourites ever! Never gets old how many times I rewatch

  2. I'm obsessed! I just keep saying one more game

  3. This happens to me in aus it kills me

  4. Are they both up to date with the new update? You can't otherwise. When I use mine I jjst search for nearby cause I assume I'm the only one around em doing it

  5. I watch ghost ship allll the time absolutely love it this is one if the best scenes for sure

  6. Kyle running out that door lives rent free

  7. If you installed atmosphere you can install Android, most guides are pretty straightforward. Last time I tried running genshin on lineageOS on switch it was practically unplayable, very low choppy frame rate. Although I didn't overclock or anything that might have helped.

  8. Ahh ok I might just stick to mobile then if it's not that playable

  9. I'm a big volcorona fan too so I eas super happy to find out I could have 3 different ones! Obsessed with my big sized shiny slither wing too it just looks so epic

  10. Yes but he will be in a tera raid level 7 star so his tera power is dragon so basicly he is flying fire and dragon

  11. Oh right of course I completely spaced on Terang power

  12. I was all about feucoco in the beginning but I gotta say I have been using this flamboyant duck a lot more then the other two starters his signature animation is so cool

  13. I'm in the same boat tried an outbreak or two but otherwise not to actively looking

  14. Can I sort my box alphabetically or anything?

  15. is there something i’m missing with the whole 1000 steps to evolve pawmo into pawmot thing? i’ve had it out in let’s go mode as often as possible and keep leveling it up but there’s nothing and it’s getting pretty frustrating

  16. I was having the same issues either bramblin he just evolved after leveling to 30 even tho I swear previous levels I had easily done the 1000 steps. Game crashed had autosaves off and haven't had luck his level 32 so much walking around and nothing

  17. Oh ok cool so if I transferred a heap of them without a pokegen website and it's more cloned kinda thing I should be safe?

  18. Its explained in the rentry guide

  19. Oh wow just looked at the guide it's so easy can't believe I didn't see it thanks heaps

  20. Yep you can. I just did it last night after fully resetting my switch and having no games installed. Even installed Bayonetta 3 with it (Awoo).

  21. Right maybe I'm using a bad file or something? Was trying to install over net cauze it wouldn't read my usb

  22. I had a problem with that too. I went and searched and found out that you have to inject Hekate first and then load fusee.bin from the payloads. Then, you won't have any problems installing games even in applet mode.

  23. Thank you so much! This seems to be working it's at least installing

  24. Do we just jump on your twitch to join? Haven’t done many shiny raid downs but dying for larvesta

  25. Lf shiny galar slowpoke have a few shinies to trade

  26. LF shiny galar slowpoke. FT shiny Seismitoad, Shiny Crogunk, shiny Crobat, Shiny jolteon

  27. We can do it in home. I just started a Den raid so my switch is busy but I could use my phone for home. Unless you want to wait a few mins and we can do it on PLA?

  28. Actually can we do it on PLA when your finished your raid?

  29. Awesome I’m ready I just did the link code as 05060605?

  30. I have that movie event Zarude if that’s of interest? Would love marshadow

  31. Yeah I keep them too! I find them good breeding stock but otherwise I don’t really use them

  32. Sadly no weezing, I have two shiny lapras but they are from those stupid hack wonder trades. Legit shinys I can offer though would be: jolteon, Crobat, seismitoad or a crogunk?

  33. I would do anything for marshadow! He’s my fave and I can’t get him sad!

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