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  1. He was good at basketball when he went full wolfmode

  2. hanging on in quiet desperation is the Reddit way

  3. Afternoon drive on The Freak is better than The Hardline. There I said it. Morning Musers are still and will always be #1show in DFW

  4. Yess. I did this with one of my exes stalker wives. It's fun. Shouldn't have harassed my inbox Christy!

  5. I never understood how anyone ever enjoyed a single second of his broadcasting. I think the fact that his segment was always first helped immensely and honestly everybody loved that jolly little xylophone ambiance that played behind his stupid stories. You could say anything over the right background music and sound like a monk. I really didn’t like his lethargic attempt at radio.

  6. Truly. It would sound banal or insane without the context of every prior week / knowing what they're shooting for.

  7. About 25-28 seconds in, his face looks like Piston Honda when he gets punched in Mike Tyson’s Punchout

  8. Children of the corn-er piece

  9. That’s funny because I know a couple people who work for bud and they say they are afraid to order anything but ab products when out but I think they are just joking. Only apples to beer products. They can get wine or liquor.

  10. Only apples to beer products… So, are we talking about ciders?

  11. Bagel…..takes what it wants

  12. Thank you for the reminder that all elderly folk are not like this!

  13. The elderly, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.

  14. Donald Trump stole charity money from children with cancer. No, really, I'm not exaggerating or being facetious; he did, in fact, and as proven in court, set up a charity and collect donations from people who thought they were helping children to fight cancer, and pocketed the money.

  15. You must not know the same Nigerian prince that I’m working with, this one is legit

  16. Or just call your pets/kids “life”. I have “life” to attend to. Explanation not needed.

  17. Then everyone will just think you’re obsessed with the board game, Life.

  18. My wife, fiancé then, and I went to a bar for some drinks one night. She had her ring on and some dude next to her started talking to her and offered to buy her some drinks. I just gave her the go ahead look and he ended up buying her two drinks. The entire time she was talking to me and ignored him whenever he tried to start a conversation. After I finished my drinks we both got up and left together, leaving buddy behind to his astonishment. Some men are just straight clueless. I did appreciate saving $20 that night though.

  19. Would have been funny if she handed you the drinks and you winked at him and said keep ‘em coming

  20. First time I've seen a photo belong in both

  21. It’s not just Trump; but he brought the white entitlement, homophobia and racism out of my partner’s family. It was always there before Trump

  22. Accept when you can’t except that your wrong

  23. Vampires for nude beaches

  24. If it bends 3 inches lower it hits the bottom of the crossbar and goes in. If it's 5 inches lower it hits his glove. That's soccer though.

  25. That’s the way soccer go


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