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  1. I like veggies and I love meat. Guess I’ll just continue to eat my veggies and meat.

  2. We don't even need to go to DC, 26M people all just calling in sick on the same day would sound major alarm bells. 26M doing a proper work stoppage would force the government to act in no time.

  3. It did. But it came back for the dogs since it spent the money.

  4. Even this we can’t be sure the money goes straight to the workers also.

  5. That's the whole thing BoredAtWork. The continued LIE that most of the general population has ANY "chance at maybe getting rich". Everywhere you turn there are get rich schemes DESIGNED to take what little money we have left and funneling it up to those who already have the rest of it.

  6. It’s the whole pyramid scheme. 1 at the top takes it all, then he has 6 board members who he pays the most and make the decision happen, then the management command the workers.

  7. Every 3D printer is proud to print a new printer.

  8. Not when they finally see what you did to your boi hotend. They want to just break down and cry.

  9. I have spent many years working with professional painters and not seen this before. It is so simple and so obvious and I’m glad that I will be blowing peoples minds with this.

  10. It’s too much work. So much easier to feel, peel, rip, then stick.

  11. I’m noticing this in the hospital setting too. I’m a travel nurse in interventional radiology, and pretty much the entire dept is travelers besides one nurse and two techs.

  12. I’m almost guaranteed the companies has profits and can cover the labor costs but nope! Can’t have MuH monies!!! Bootstrap and avocado toast inflation is your problem so deal with it!

  13. If they won't pay us, stop buying their shit.

  14. I’m with you on that all the way! From worker to worker I support workers! Fuck corporate greed

  15. Whowoodathunk that shortening the cable makes the charging faster! Apple been robbing us under our noses all this time!

  16. “Since I saved your life… where do you want to eat tonight?”

  17. Can someone tell him to see the doctor about his left leg?

  18. “Child Protection Services HATE this trick!”

  19. The random patrolling NPC that occasionally ends up off their set path.

  20. Her husband wondering why his dick has cuts on it

  21. “Come here baby and grind on this d….”

  22. Well to be fair it was dangerous for her body to just be laying there

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