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  1. Thread Record: 225-144 // 21-22 Record: 206-140 // 22-23 Record: 19-4

  2. Thread Record: 223-143 // 21-22 Record: 206-140 // 22-23 Record: 17-3

  3. Just looked it up and Fox is out for the rest of the game. Kills a really solid parlay I had :(

  4. Thread Record: 222-143 // 21-22 Record: 206-140 // 22-23 Record: 16-3

  5. Thread Record: 221-143 // 21-22 Record: 206-140 // 22-23 Record: 15-3

  6. Followed you the last couple bro, you know your shit! Thanks! Had to get on 30.5+ but clutched it late 🙏🏼

  7. Newcastle fans at St James’ Park. I moved up a few years ago and I’ve been a few times. Incredible atmosphere! It’s changed from Mike Ashley/Steve Bruce toxic to a proper 12th man stadium

  8. Love the Keep Left sign, for the avoidance of doubt that this guy is a total fuckwit.

  9. Oh, I just saw a video explaining how this pen works:

  10. I was fully expecting to be Rick Rolled, Sir. But it appears you are a good egg.

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