1. Seconded, don’t put all your eggs in the broken USPS basket

  2. back at the office, pink slip no access

  3. This post got a well deserved “This is Awesome” chant

  4. Just don’t call out during your probation period and you should be fine

  5. Try not to steal, or kill anyone either

  6. And they said no one wanted a thousand plastic meatballs

  7. https://www.nalc.org/news/the-postal-record/2023/january-2023/document/CT.pdf

  8. Thanks, we're 185 employees below the cutoff so two hours it is!! 😆 I really appreciate the specific info, I wasn't looking forward to reading my whole training manual tonight.

  9. employees or years? if you have 15 carriers and most of them are vets you probably are over 200 years

  10. That’s not normal, they shouldn’t treat people like that.

  11. Exactly. It's there. It's available. I'm amazed people fall for this in other offices.

  12. There’s a perception that management in any job knows the way to do things. At USPS this never applies.

  13. Management is being cheap and hoping you don’t understand the contract, this looks like an easy grievance for you. Hope you get a fat check for it.

  14. You’re working safe, and you’re learning. Let the supervisors bitch, they get hounded for results.

  15. “Rated for 3.5 hours” means nothing, and is unenforceable. That’s just management psychological jiu-jitso to get carriers to work faster

  16. You have to have a fixed dwelling if you want mail delivery, so if you have a building or office on the farm, don’t tell them there’s no residence.

  17. I told Robbie Starr to stop scamming adults

  18. This the same shit you see at baseball games, but baseball isn’t scripted. Tiny Con needs better lawyers me thinks.

  19. No clue, really depends on the PO you’re at

  20. To all my little Hulkamaniacs, audit your thetans, and read your Dianetics, and you will never go wrong.

  21. Everytime I see them I think I’m back in the pants.

  22. https://apwu.org/news/how-file-owcp-claim-when-diagnosed-covid-19

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