1. Yep let’s kick someone to the curb because they’re nosy. That’s not an overreaction at ALL

  2. There's being nosy "hey whats in this sock drawer, let's see this one time, giggigly giggle", and then there's being nosy "let's do a daily review of their private bedroom thrashcan and announce the contents to the world" nosy.

  3. Can't Germans cross the road where ever they please isn't that freedom

  4. But you can't carry an assault rifle while doing groceries at Aldi, so you must be living under tyranical OPPRESSION.

  5. This is something that should be escalated internally before externally. I’d look for a different job though doesn’t seem like a great working environment

  6. This. Talk to your compliance officer or internal audit dept.

  7. If you are due to receive say JPY as a US company, you want to hedge against the JPY value dropping (or USD rising).

  8. Wait, it doesn't say "DRAW: This card is played automatically"?

  9. Definitely take it. Soul is high value just because it's new.

  10. Wow, amazing initiative! Happy holidays everybody!

  11. "Dear classmates, you might wonder why there's a needle and syringe on your desk. My work of art will symbolize the fusing of our bodies into a coherent mass, like a black hole absorbs everything into one as well..."

  12. You can using the Generic Bloc Setter and Generic Bloc Getter in the breadboard. Use de GBG to get the id of the last craft built by your spawner. You need to name you spawner with shit+n and then use that name in the GBG to identify the correct spawner. Then output this id into the tractor beam using the GBS. Name the tractor beam and use that name in the GBS.

  13. I tried doing shit+n, but now I have to change my underwear.

  14. But why? Do they not realize legalization opens up business?

  15. Die van Leiden is zeker leuk, Maastricht ook niet verkeerd.

  16. Better bring some democracy and FREEDOM to his republic then!

  17. I'm a bit of a newbie myself too, but I find 50% of you ship cost as resource storage is a good rule of thumb.

  18. Your ban from christian subforums waan't enough of a hint that we're not desperate for your proselityzing?

  19. Today, in a new episode of "Things that never happened"...

  20. Really depends. To some people, numbers are just numbers.

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