1. Half of one square, wait an hour, eat the other half. If still nothing, 30 min later eat a whole piece. Make sure you have nothing planned just in case! Lol

  2. It’s true. Product is nearing the 1 year “expiration” set by the state. Truth is shatter keeps well, will still do the job. At that price you can buy a couple

  3. I’m just here waiting for the troll to show up and say “terps look low” gtfo 😤

  4. 100% agree. People forget cannabis come from a living plant. different plants + different conditions = varying results. I follow MCR labs from Massachusetts on Instagram because they publish their monthly testing averages + highs for cannabinoids and terpenes. Their average terp percent in August was only 1% and their highest was 3.54%. Based on my experience anything around 2% is decent, north of 2.5% is pretty stanky, above 3% is like a kick in the nose(in a good way 😂).

  5. I probably spend about 400-500 here in Ohio and about 200 in Michigan. I’ve got a little group that takes turns taking trips up north. We grab our “community” bud from there lol. What we smoke when we’re around a bunch of people or if we want to make edibles we’ll grab stuff from there. Their cheap stuff is much cheaper than our cheap stuff and it’s just as good if not better.

  6. I typically go to glass jar in Monroe. They always have good deals going.

  7. $200-ish per month in Ohio. I spend another $200 or so in Michigan. I like to try flower in the Ohio program but I also only have so much to spend.

  8. Best video on the internet! If you haven’t seen it, ‘My Octopus Teacher’ is a wonderful documentary

  9. I picked up heat locker last week. Wasn’t moldy but did have a bit of a chemical aftertaste.

  10. Perhaps something like an intervention for the father in-law with an independent 3rd party Autism expert? Someone who can work with him on acceptance and understanding l. If he doesn’t want to, then you all have to do the hard thing and cut him out. It’s easy to be frustrated with autism, but I bet he probably feels terrible after the fact.

  11. I like the packaging too! But I also try to include info to help people know more about an item so we can all be better informed. (THC potency, Terpene%, price, and perhaps a review ) just trying to give a couple pointers so people don’t hassle you too much.

  12. Anyone actually pick this up for $18? That price looks too good to be true, like someone made a typo… I picked some up the other day in northwest Ohio for $34…

  13. I like solventless edibles. They are full spectrum and have that delicious hashy taste, like when you had to make brownies at home.

  14. People that don’t have a child, relative or work with people on the spectrum literally have no idea about autism. I think awareness is growing, but still a lot of educating to do…

  15. Klutch. There's constant talk on here daily about them. I've tried ICC,sherbhead,catfish,sherbert, Josh d ghost og,white truffle and budino....the only strain I've bought twice from them is Bighead. Here lately its had a chemical taste. They also have a cult on here that likes to project what they do on other companies and build up their products. Nobody else goes to these lengths. If u got kill it speaks for itself thats why they call it loud. If you gotta tell people how great it is,then disregard people who have conflicting opinions,then group down vote them..

  16. I’ll up vote you all day on this! I try to buy items on sale and try various cultivators. I think Klutch is ok, but people are selling themselves short if they are not trying others. It’s like marrying the first person you had coitus with, you don’t know what’s out there unless you try.

  17. Not unethical, but the HR department typically has a lot of influence. It’s best to have them in your corner. Professionally befriend the HR manager at work. It goes a long way…

  18. I ate 4 caramels in a row once because they were sooo good. I stayed busy doing yard work so I didn’t nap all day.

  19. You happen to get any pics? Would love to see this new lineup…

  20. Gummies or RSO. Nobody has to know. Not like visitors have to go through airport security … maybe stick up at home and home a trusted friend bring you your goods …

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