1. My french R is perfect from childhood, but it’s terrible for Ukrainian (my native tongue). They call me burry because I can't pronounce R “properly”.

  2. Is there a community for this kind of pov? or a pornhub channel?

  3. I have heard air stoker is really good

  4. I’ve got to get on telegram more

  5. Telegram is twice as good as Reddit. Moderators of tg channels pick the best of the best

  6. “When are you going to sit on my face.” There is a cosmetic item called “beard conditioner,” and he is referring to your vaginal discharges being his beard conditioner

  7. Beard conditioner softens your beard. If he isn't already using beard conditioner it might be scratchy sitting on his beard, so I would ask him about it first.

  8. So you are saying I should use wax instead of conditioner for my mustache? I have a mustache and a mustache only

  9. Yeah. He literally used to wait outside your house in Wild World and chase you around when you stepped out the door, to harass you about his insurance scam. No joke. The older games were a lot funnier and a lot more mature, funnily enough, than the newer ones lol. BOOM!

  10. I actually didn’t pay insurance scam bc I didn’t have enough money 😭

  11. «Коммунизм победит!» иронично

  12. so when i, a trans man, feel feminine, i feel feminine as a boy, not feminine as a girl, i dont feel like wearing skirts and makeup like “girly” stuff (even tho ik boys can wear skirts and makeup) i like wearing corsets and short shorts, to put it short, im a masc feminine not a fem feminine

  13. I swear to god they are making their own feelings and emotions at this point

  14. literally hes just a man that likes dressing in a feminine way. its not that confusing.

  15. That’s a much simpler explanation

  16. White is playing “freedom for rookies”

  17. Сучка is more playful and less offensive. Сука is more rude and offensive. In rap songs usually used 1st version.

  18. I disagree. Сучка is more specific. It can’t be used as expression, only as adjective. Сучка is feminine, while сука is so common, it became gender neutral. So in my mind Сучка is MORE offensive, and not playful at all unless it’s a role play or something.

  19. my friends and I use ґей for gay and лґбтк for LGBTQ

  20. Hm, I may pronounce it елґебетекʼю but I don’t write ґ unless it’s dictionary accurate. Like in ґанок, ґудзик, etc.

  21. Music and music production is something that is with you your whole life. No matter how many, often or how long my breaks were, I still came back to composing. It’s part of my self-expression. You have to set YOUR priorities, music won’t leave you.

  22. Девочка лежит на траве ✅

  23. But the [subject] + [action] + [object] is the most natural one. Who? Девочка. What is doing? Лежит. Where? На траве.

  24. You've just described [subject] + [action] + [object], not [object] + [action] + [subject].

  25. There is also “нє”, an informal no

  26. Ядовитый - poisonous. Not toxic. There is difference in both english and russian

  27. Poison and poison only. Toxic is «токсичный», venomous is «ядовитый»

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