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  1. I can switch it at will in my head which is super strange!

  2. I think it caused by the echos, i watched the original clip with clearer sound and it says oh barbie

  3. Not me wanted to say many things but limited by my english language skills

  4. Emang manusia gak tau diuntung. Dah dikasih bantuan. Masih aja ngelunjak. Orang kayak gitu tipe orang yang sampah masyarakat.

  5. The moment Julia knows he is from Indonesia, she realizes she must treat him well or else

  6. Netizen udh pada siap ngetik kalo kata2nya julia ada yg salah

  7. Netizen indo menggunakan 200% kapasitas otak untuk mencari gimana cara mlesetin namanya

  8. Dan berharap bikin dia sakit hati padahal gak sama sekali 🤣

  9. That the regular lives of everyday people in the MCU must be a hassle. Seriously, every year there’s a new hero who brings along a slew of villains and problems that destroy your home city. A new cosmic threat happens very other year. Not to mention in a universe of incredible technological advances pretty much none of that funnels down to the regular folks. Life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV, dementia, etc still exist. Paralyzed people remain paralyzed. People’s car get used as frisbees by the Hulk or as a baseball by Thor. Living in the MCU would be depressing AF.

  10. Yeah if i was living in MCU i would be traumatized, it's eneryday insomnia worrying about what villain would destroy my city next

  11. Elon has SpaceX, yet he sill ruined twitter. Come on guys we've been through this before

  12. I was fine until the gills are finally visible. Holy shit

  13. The tone and atmosphere. And the retrofuturism.

  14. If a dude being overproud about how smart he is and his legion of followers, its actually states otherwise

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