1. Literally why not. People saying no are just saying that bc it’s cool to hate fortnite. Why wouldn’t you want another suit Edit: plus it’s straight cool imo Edit again: OBVIOUSLY IF YOU ARENT LIKE THAT IM NOT TALKING TO YOU

  2. How did you not know this. When Adam west died it was a huge deal.

  3. Many people didn’t know he died, especially when they internet isn’t filled with family guy news or video clips.

  4. I’m almost certain she’ll appear in whatever RE9 ends up being. Maybe she’ll finally cross paths with Leon too?

  5. Is re9 gonna be about them though? I think its a sequel to village

  6. Yeah that was the first time ever seeing him, I immediately liked his character.

  7. Johhny is the best character in mkx in my opinion.

  8. Mk9 kitana is the best, i hate her and jade in mk11.

  9. MK11 Kitana has a bit of a superiority complex. I like and main her regardless, but MKX Kitana has sass for days 🔥

  10. Only reason why i might choose kitana in mk11 is because she died and wasn’t in the MKX story. I just really dislike her character in MK11, makes me hate her.

  11. No. The gameplay is dated. People remember it being great and it was for the time. But it's stiff. The aim is jainky and the rag doll needs work.

  12. That’s because its old, and thats the point of remastering it.

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