1. I love the original post and what others said, but here are my thoughts from an environmental perspective.

  2. No confirmation from any source. However, in the world of creative arts, references, tributes, callbacks, and inspirations are inevitable (and very healthy for creators to do!). Originality is an item of law, everything is stolen from somewhere.

  3. What if Suletta is not even a clone but just straight up a 'borg?

  4. A few ISAs support setting the output type using the output file name extension, or a flag to gcc, but the RISC-V linker will only output ELF and nothing else.

  5. Just to add, for binary, replace ihex with binary and name the hello.hex as hellos.bin output file (last argument).

  6. me, looking at the core rules I’ve pretty much all written up, edited no less than three passes, but no play-testing of the latest version: “Err...”

  7. People keep saying that Ariel is erii can totally see that happening but what about Lfrith?

  8. Oh no, “daughter in a can” flashbacks. I’m new. Gundum’s dark but not that dark right?

  9. Wow, this series is just filled with visual cues and tributes, someone’s ought to do a compilation of these right?

  10. It's a blink-and-miss-it kind of thing, or you even need to check it frame by frame. But Suletta didn't actually sliced the Darilbalde antenna using the beam saber. [She threw the beam saber to pin the Darilbalde's left arm then she used her now free hand to pin the other opponent's arm, then used her torso to ram and break the antenna.] (

  11. That is one brittle antenna to look like it was sliced of. The residual redness of the heat too. They tried very hard to cover up this quirky little scene.

  12. Cut the spiritual and/or conceptual crap, other people’s got that covered. Here are some actionables:

  13. My project Alice Saga has the game side practically written up and neatly tied into a package on itch.io. The setting side still sits in my note collection and is slowly getting transferred to a dokuwiki wiki I setup this year. The logical step to do while I work on the setting is to actually run games and playtest. Together, this will allow the setting to grow organically. Unfortunately, 1) I’m busy with uni. 2) I’m scared of actually making the game package available publicly. So it‘ll probably remain as a personal heartbreaker project. That being said, I’m instead more interested in writing a novel in the setting backed by the game mechanic. Playing and writing as I go.

  14. That is… A carriage? Several of them in fact. Parked rather close to the ruin as well. Men garbed in armour seemed to dot here and there, closely huddled around the carriages.

  15. I agree. The problem with HP only really occurs when it scales too high. In the fantasy RPG I'm making. HP ranges from 6-10 for starting characters and can only reach an absolute maximum of 15 at max level. And you only recover 1/2 of your max HP during a rest.

  16. That being said, discussing HP is meaningless without considering its expected depletion rate during combat scenarios. What are your RPG’s? My heartbreak RPG have character’s starting HP pseudo-randomly from 2 to 30 in increments of 2s. With an option to artificially inflate it to 12 to 40. Combat is turn-based, standard expected depletion is 3.5 per number of PCs per round (typically 14 total, may be unevenly distributed) that increases by 0.5 per round no matter the progress of the fight (increase alone does not change with naturalisation of depletion sources). Similarly, only 1/2 of max HP is restored per rest event and never restore beyond 1/2 except during downtime scenarios.

  17. Rather standard and with a lot of variability introduced through upgrades, extra abilities and peripheral systems (energy). This is an unavoidable appeal of RPGs - customisation, improvements and additions that makes no single combat scenario able to be standardised within a predictable constraint. Worse, adding the possibly to role-play any scenario and even that can occur with violated the gameplay-bounds of a combat scenario (i.e. dropping a potted plant on your foe in a 1v1 martial arts street fight, or just void the rules and gang-rush).

  18. Golden Sky Story is my go to for non-combat and fuzzy feelings. Doesn’t have to be an Japanese town too.

  19. Most of the people I know were sold by the idea that it was made by someone who truly loves d&d and was inspired by it.

  20. Yep, and it shows! Really unique novel in how it explains things and leave run-off plot holes.

  21. Kudos for Renner actually having the mental fortitude to pull through to her end game. Genius or not, she could’ve easily reduced to a simple psychotic princess who projects her stress onto others, or collapse under the neglect and fear from others. In a sense, while Climb didn’t take her to the traditional happy resolution, his introduction to Renner’s life did save her from any self-lament. Climb was Renner’s sun, no matter how twisted her sickly-adoration in him it did became.

  22. Despite some people claiming that this is not an unpopular opinion, there sure is quite some objecting views from both sides in the comments. So this game is no exactly unpopular, but more a part of the controversial views.

  23. People are saying that she represents an example of Ainz's "Do whatever is takes to find happiness," philosophy, and they aren't wrong. The point is that "Do whatever it takes to find happiness," is actually evil, and the show keeps pointing that out.

  24. Add to love, she also desired peace and safety... Which the Kingdom did not gave her with the nobles and the Empire breathing down their neck.

  25. I think there was a rule against posting personal information and I was afraid that the original post might get a lot of hate because of what they said. That’s why I was afraid to post it.

  26. Mate, good catch tho. Can’t be too careful with how social media is.

  27. Climb should have understood that the kingdom is in bad shape, but I don't think he'd be able to infer why or where exactly. The attrition between the royalty and nobles should be apparent to him through Gazef, if not Renner. However, similarly, he should know that he's too helpless and not educated enough to navigate around this situation by himself. When he couldn't tell between not-so-obvious enemies and friends, it is natural to place all faith in his master.

  28. Theres mentions of nations of other races, such as the Minotaur Kingdom, that it was founded by a player, the Minotaur Sage and its sayed to be a kingdom so strong that rivals almost all kingdoms that we saw util now.

  29. Hoped it'd be that way too. Like Mushoku Tensei's Six-sided World, Rudius can even be seen as a mere pass-by to the world. And the author had written other stories and has hidden plotholes for potential stories under the same setting.

  30. Funny looking back on my old Overlord-inspired DnD game map. The heavy European aesthetic caused me to draft the map of Europe without thinking... Annd placed all the Kingdoms in the opposite compass directions.

  31. And let's just throw this common quote in as well for the sake of it: "The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth."

  32. I never thought about that but yeah, that absolutely sounds like something she would do, though she'd probably be at least a little selective since she likes Climb being the loyal dog constantly kept in ignorance. The game is enjoyable for her.

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