1. The fact that is wasn’t advertised as the final season until not that long ago is very strange.

  2. I wonder if he is literally just a hunter and thought the hat was about deer hunting or something.

  3. Surely this kind of business tactic just comes back to bite you in the ass in the future?

  4. Would be hilarious if he doesn’t even live on the bottom floor

  5. The fact he used them as a sacrifice proves that he cared for them. Everyone forgets that in order for something to be deemed a worthy sacrifice it has to be like they are removing a part of themselves.

  6. The arc with the count and his daughter really solidifies this concept too. It’s called a sacrifice for a very good reason.

  7. We CSM fans thirsting over Falling milf has the same vibes as people thirsting over Lady Dimitrescu when she came out.

  8. That’s how I feel. I love TLoU, but man, do I not need more TLoU in my life right now.

  9. And in these years we got Part 2, a Remake, a show which basically tells the same story again and we have a revamped, full-fledged multiplayer game the size of a regular TLoU on the horizon. I'm honestly good on Last of Us for the next few years and I'd rather see ND do something else.

  10. A remake that tells the same story, a show that tells the same story. There’s been no new story since part 2.

  11. Fear of Falling is such a natural instinct to even for animals

  12. Yeah I hadn’t considered it before but certainly feels like a primordial fear.

  13. You know what's the best feeling in the world after every good news about this show?

  14. I can’t wait for Season 2, it’s such a brutal dark story. Part 2 makes Part 1 look like a happy fun adventure lol.

  15. Stranger Things, Wednesday looking at you with a weird look on their eyes.

  16. I know a lot of people were talking about Wednesday but that’s pretty much gone away hasn’t it?

  17. I certainly didn’t interpret it that way, you’re jumping the gun a bit getting mad at something they didn’t even say.

  18. Part I ends on a highly ambiguous note, open to interpretation. Part II gives us the canonical interpretation, as well as reveals the way we’re supposed to feel about Joel (even retconning and changing details along the way.)

  19. It didn’t feel very ambiguous to me. Seems like she doesn’t believe what he says at all, but accepts the answer regardless.

  20. Their set department was actually pretty busy because of all the flashback stories, which could be pretty demanding set-wise. You might need to do Iraq during the Gulf War, London streets, 1970s Australia, army barracks, hospitals, ships, concert venues, etc all back to back, there's a lot of variety in them even if they only make up 15 minutes an episode.

  21. Ah fair enough I somehow forgot about the flashbacks, haven’t seen that show in years.

  22. Some stalkers in an office building with the lights off would have been cool, we’ll probably see some in the next season.

  23. There were two weird uses of the Infected. 1) that the world wide cordyceps web never came back beyond the episode it was referenced in feels like a miss, and 2) the Tress death kiss is still super weird

  24. In the podcast they hint at the cordyceps web having more relevance in the next season.

  25. I’ve been scrolling and reading all the comments on this post just laughing so much.

  26. As someone who is neurodivergent I give everyone a retard pass.

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