1. I'm 5'11. I remember I was dating a girl in college and she asked how tall I was. She warned me not to lie because she said she could always tell if a guy was actually 6 ft or lying and was actually 5'11. I told her I was 6 feet and she fuckin bought it lmao

  2. I thought a bunch of fat boomers LITERALLY almost ended democracy and installed a fascist government?

  3. gotta go with 6DOIT Overture. Definitely my least favorite part of the suite.

  4. I felt the exact same thing the first time I heard it. I've noticed that it's a bit similar to the intro of Hollow Years but I feel like it's reminding me of something else.

  5. I'm pretty sure their chart performance is entirely due to the switch from from Roadrunner to InsideOut. Roadrunner is larger and can get music in front of more people than InsideOut can. Hell, I'm pretty sure Dream Theater is the most popular band with InsideOut, if that tells you anything.

  6. Um, why do you care about Billboard performance? Who gives a shit? The music is good, and that is all that matters.

  7. I'm not saying it upsets me, the music always comes first for me. It's just interesting an interesting trend and I'm curious what other fans think of it

  8. I enjoyed listening to the Images and Words show you guys did, we may have disagreed on some things like James' singing but it's nice to find other people who absolutely cannot stand the drum sound on the album. I'll probably check out the Metropolis Pt. 2 podcast tonight, looking forward to hearing your thoughts

  9. I think it’s also important to note that he wanted to take an indefinite hiatus. That was the key in all of it. The rest of the guys wanted a more defined period of time, knowing whether it would be one year or five years, and not just taking a break not knowing how long it will last.

  10. Yup. To add to this, the band had slowly been gaining momentum in the years leading up to Portnoy's proposal and had just scored their first top 10 album on the Billboard 200. Taking a break at what was the commercial peak of their career since Pull Me Under in 1992 would be completely ridiculous.

  11. It’s not classy inviting a woman to your place for a 2nd date either. Low effort as hell

  12. I do this just because everyone has different expectations for dating. I don't try and force it, if she actually wants to then she'll agree. Some women will simply ghost you if you don't make a move by that point and assume you're not worth their time.

  13. If not for Watergate I believe he would be known as one of our greatest.

  14. I agree, he'd easily be solidly B-tier if not for Watergate. He was just too smart for his own good

  15. My guy is living in his car and had to sell off rare DT memorabilia cause he’s literally living in poverty

  16. For the folks who normally post to this sub praising DeSantis or who has ever accused the LGBTQ or Democrats of "grooming children," what do you say to this? ...Does the fact that DeSantis was a teacher and then went to go party with 18 year olds while they drank doesn't, uh, strike you as rather inappropriate behavior?

  17. BREAKING NEWS: Ron Desantis was the cool high school teacher in his early 20s. He reportedly partied... WITH 18 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!!

  18. All core finance classes (not counting the two accounting ones) were personally a breeze for me. Take them with a grad student, they’re much more lenient when it comes to exams and expectations.

  19. thanks for the info. by the 2 accounting ones, i'm guessing you mean FAR1 and FAR2?

  20. Yep. Both of those sucked - try to get FAR2 with Kirk in a spring semester, though, he made a sucky class not bad.

  21. gotcha, i have to retake business finance since i'm a finance major and i messed up one of the exams. i'm guessing i shouldn't take it with far1 next semester? planning on also taking blaw and international business

  22. We keep doing this. GOP Presidents destroy the economy, Democrat gets elected, GOP runs on Democrats destroying the economy.

  23. Neither Trump nor Bush caused their respective recessions, and to claim that they did is as ridiculous as saying that Biden is responsible for inflation and gas prices. The 2008 Recession was created by a combination of various factors that basically created a perfect storm that was completely unpredictable by any financial models or analyses. In fact, Bill Clinton has even admitted that many of his actions while in office helped to set the stage for the 2008 Recession:

  24. I tried and i can't. The area demage is so OP

  25. i usually use an attack or two to clear the defenses with the flying fortress + loons with a heal spell and 2 lightnings, then for my last attack i use the mountain golem to tank the super dragons and super wizards to kill the drags.

  26. It really depends what aspects of the song you enjoy. A lot of the other comments are giving really great Yes recommendations so I'll give some songs from other prog artists that fall into the 10-15 minute range and have similar characteristics (* means required reading for prog fans ;))

  27. I think he would struggle a lot. Bernie makes big promises that he has little to no way of actually following up on. Biden is a moderate who is a solid representation of the democratic party and he has still struggled with getting things passed. Bernie would face even worse pushback on his ideas since I have a feeling many Dems in congress who lean more to the right wouldn't be willing to fall in line with his ideas.

  28. Hell's Kitchen leads into Lines in the Sand, same with Through My Words and Fatal Tragedy

  29. A big component of the trial was actually whether or not Kyle instigated the violence against him, and all of the evidence shows that all Kyle did the night of the shooting was walk around and offer people medical assistance. There is zero evidence that Kyle ever pointed his weapon at anyone or made verbal threats the night of the shooting.

  30. Actually, I heard that due to his hard work, he's getting a 100% raise this year! It's going from $0.00 all the way to $0.00! Let's all give him a big round of applause 👏👏👏👏👏

  31. ITT a bunch of suburban white kids commenting on “the culture”

  32. "how could this happen?" says only culture where this happens on a regular basis

  33. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, A Trick of the Tail, Wind and Wuthering

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