1. So you hitched the first rep and then the second rep went up quicker because you bounced it so far off the ground that it reached your knees before you had to apply any force yourself.

  2. 😂 I get accused of using steroids and I’m like, what, me….how do you even think that?? I just laugh, but I think I would cry if I used them and everyone thought I was natty! 😢

  3. Nothing wrong with eating before bed, but I thought our bodies could only process between 40-60 grams of protein within a few hours and the rest is wasted.

  4. Wow, maybe your body needs a re-feed. I was between 1700-1400 on my prep and doing 10 minutes of cardio 2-3x a week. I weighed 114lbs though. You might be holding on to the last bit of fat especially as you’re pushing hard. You need a evening of eating a lot of good food and a few days of rest and no gym.

  5. You are an inspiration.How do you cut stress out?.It is very difficult thing to do.

  6. Thank you 🙏🏼 well, I don’t stress about the “little things”. If I don’t workout as scheduled, it’s not the end of the world. If I don’t get my macros just perfect at the end of the day, no big deal, I have another start tomorrow. When I prepare for my day, I am successful and not stressed out. Nothing is perfect, I just try to be prepared.

  7. That a good way to live life.Thank you for the reply and have a great life.

  8. He literally has a smaller man flexing his back inside his back.

  9. Looking great! How do you work your shoulders? Mine are not growing like I would like :(

  10. Your back and triceps are crazy good!

  11. Thank you! Definitely easiest to grow for me. Wish my lower body would respond the same way!

  12. I just started counting my macros for the first time ever and going to invest in a personal trainer for the first 6 months to make some progress. It’s a learning curve but people like you and others that post on here give me the motivation I seek!

  13. Thank you! Counting my macros was a game changer! My fiancé and I did my programming up until the last month, I then hired a trainer to help me dial everything together. Good luck! You’ll start seeming some positive changes. Stay healthy and strong 💪🏼

  14. It does take some time, but I would say you need to change your macros. I just did a show on Saturday so I’m starting to reverse my calorie intake. I’m at 150 grams of protein and I weigh 112 lbs. I would also suggest hiring a personal trainer that is good with powerlifting techniques. I feel like I gain the most muscle by deadlifts and squats, but I had to be taught how to do them with proper form before I could go heavy. Do you do bf/lean muscle scans?

  15. Yes, it’s normal. Are you giving yourself rest days; adequate time for recovery? Do you have energy?

  16. I got my bikini masters pro card and placed second in bikini open overall. 😳

  17. Look amazing! You’d do amazing in masters NPC too!!

  18. Thank you! Well, I considered doing NPC in November after this show. This will be my first show so I just want to get a feel for it. Thank you again, much appreciated!

  19. Looking great! How many hours do you spend in the gym to look like that? Like how much commitment is needed?

  20. Thank you so much 😊 On leg days I spend 90 min, on upper body days I spend 45 min in the gym. I do abs for 10 min 2x a week. I started doing cardio for 15 min, 3x a week.

  21. As a gay male, it's difficult for me to judge females regarding bodybuilding aesthetics. As an observer of all things beautiful, I have to say that your proportions are Amazonian. Your arms are tight. Your legs are defined. Your diligent work, your healthy eating, and your commitment are self-evident. I say this wholeheartedly, WOW. And if all women were built like you, I'd probably be Bi. Awesome.

  22. Compete. You’re still so young. It’ll be good experience to get out there on stage. I wish I would have started younger.

  23. I know you have probably heard this a million times, relax on comp day and have some fun with it. My training partner and I hit the found ourselves on stage at the same time and we did the Jay Cutler/Ronnie Coleman most muscular with our arms wrapped into each other like they did before our mandatories, the judges loved it, that’s what I mean by have some fun it break the ice a little bit. Plus a few ounces of merlot about an hour before you hit the stage will calm the nerves down a bit, that’s what my wife did, I had a 2 oz shot of vodka

  24. No, I haven’t had that advice at all. I don’t have a lot of supporters that have actually done a show before. I don’t drink at all so I’m not sure what I’ll use to calm my nerves 😬

  25. Nice! Bald, beard and muscles are the best combination in a man. You look great. Good luck on your first show!

  26. Wow, absolutely amazing! That’s some dedication and commitment right there.

  27. I don’t compete… just a fitness fan and fan of the sport. You look fantastic!

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