1. I started out in world and when i had to fight nergigante i was pretty damn scared and kept carting to him a lot but as i kept fighting him i just started to really enjoy the fight and it became one of my favorites...then Rajang came along in iceborne and made sure that fear stays this time.

  2. With MH3U I failed the first quest where you have to fight Lagiacrus 14 times before I managed to beat him. Once you do beat a monster that you struggled so hard to beat though, that is a dam good feeling.

  3. I love the colors in this and the pose and the posion really adds to the energy of this picture.

  4. Don’t you dare insult the great fish. Everything bad with lavasioth in world comes from the things he borrowed from the monster who copied him in the first place.

  5. To be fair agnaktors armor once broke cant be reapplied which i think what makes him better .

  6. Well you move very slow with a GS unsheathed where as hammer dosent have a movement penalty sooo my vote goes to GS

  7. I hope we see Silverwind again deviants were always cool concept to and i like the idea of an old exprienced Nargacuga. Deviants who became that due to their own skills (BB Diablos) or ingenuity (Rustrazor) always are the coolest to me.

  8. If you mean for abilities or enchants that say "when using your action skill" no it dosent, it counts as a spell only so look for skills or enchants that say "when casting a spell"

  9. Always liked the colors on Green Nargacuga being more vibrant.. id like to see it return but im pretty sure the default now has most of the moves then were used by Green Narga.

  10. Plesioth since i first fought in GU and it was annoying as everyone seaid it was. But then i fought it in 3U with uts hitboxes feeling better and the underwater fight giving it some nice dynamic moves like that one where he tries to divebomb you, after that fight i honestly started thinking he is actually a cool piscene wyvern and would want to see him again.

  11. A small urugaan rolling around would be cute/funny to see.....but if it accidentally ran over your foot 💀

  12. Barioth... sure he is very jumpy and all but all his moves have good telegraphs to me, his partbreaks actually affect him and both his normal and G/master rank armor are one of my favorites also he looks the coolest of the psuedo wyverns to me.

  13. I miss how pink rath used to be prettier in older gens ..in world she was a bit dull looking and her blue eyes werent as noticable...very nice work tho!

  14. 3U it had some of my favorite maps,monsters and armor design and a unique feel to it due to the underwater combat

  15. I like it more then the IB endgame armors..one of my favorites is f.rajangs due to the Furious skill love using it with lance and the defense value is pretty nice

  16. I feel like Escaton Judgement would be cooler then just an MMO insta wipe mechanic to allow people to use Raw but if he switches with no elemental dps maybe its attacks gain extra drangers from the other elements and instead using elemental weapon to meet that check would supress those powered up attacks , feels like that would promote elemental weapons without hard forcing them.

  17. Malenzo i think he is ok but i found the other two lords more fun and enjoyable ..think Malenzo just leans a bit too hard into the vampire theme

  18. Honestly switch skills made me dabble from mostly hammer to a bit of eveything but from that i defently gained a fondness for gunlance,insect glaive and especially lance i hunt way more often with those

  19. Personal favorite is Shara Ishvalda its gear and especially its weapons are great, i love the music,color palette and its wind based attacks and how it has 2 diffrent stages and forms ..i just wish we had a mission to repel it in rock form first so it makes us more curious what is under the rocky exterior.

  20. 5. mhgu Glavenus (it had more of an umph to it like a grand battle) 4.mhgu Valstrax (it sounded like you were fighting a sky god ..rise felt too tame) 3.Ukanlos (really sells me on the panic where he is charging trough ice) 2.Great Maccao (its pretty unique and maccao already being my favorite beginner monster only helps that) 1.Gammoth (music makes me feel like im fighting a moving mountian and i love the instruments used in it)

  21. Gogmazios greatsword looks amazing and cool like a giant ancient rune sword with chains make me think its so powerful its power had to be supressed

  22. Espinas as i really liked its weapons and i like the fight overall plus was overjoyed seeing frontiers legacy living on in the mainline games..i got 52 hunts on it

  23. Love Alatreons design and its lore about being unstable and how it kinda is mostly hangs out in the abyssal depths cus of it but the whole escaton judgement fiasco really sours a otherwise great fight

  24. I felt like she was prettier in older gens somehow maybe those blue eyes were more noticable as well as the pattern on her wings.

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