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  1. Well for me PPL is the most goated out of all of the exercises i tried

  2. If only I had a gf to lan party with. Like we have op computers that we both saved up and helping each other on college works and by the time were done we can play some coop games and online games. Whenever she feels sad or distressed maybe I can cook her a fine cuisine (my college course is hotel management). Whenever I feel down maybe she can just literally just smile and take my sad thoughts away knowing that this beautiful girl loves me wholeheartedly. When the night comes we snuggle each other to sleep feeling each other's warmth throughout the night. Im hopeless and romantic damn.

  3. Mane try some aesthetic poses next time BAHAHHA. Overall impressive physique good lookin out 🔱🔱

  4. Noted, I’ll work on that more I’m usually head down with headphones anytime I’m in the gym and I have one mirror and shitty lighting at my house

  5. Keep at it brah. You can actually make a decent photo on editing filters just a quick tip. Keep grinding brah 🔱🔱

  6. Keep going brah. Focus on dieting too if you wanna make your muscles pop overall good lookin out brah 🔱

  7. Just some tips. Focus on incline bench thats the most goated on chest, for shoulders do light lateral raises you can try the cable variation too, and lastly leg raises are pretty good overall developing the abdominals. Keep posting your progress BRAH WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! 🔱🔱🔱

  8. For me light lateral raises super set with side lateral cables. This will burn your shoulders

  9. Thats Fuarkkin fire abdominals brah Keep fucking killing it🔱🔱🔱🔱

  10. General question: why the fuck do people listen to music for the sole purpose of being sad?

  11. I think its to further feel this emotion in its entirety. That's just how we do it and we seem to do it unintentionally even tho if we don't want too

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