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  1. There was a cake in my feed right before this pic that was shaped like a baby coming out of a vagina with some poop. I was so glad that this pic was the next one in feed, it made me feel better

  2. Why they have a volleyball instead of a soccer ball though? 🤔

  3. That JT would be a Top 5 RB behind our overpaid o-line

  4. Pleasure? Did you eat that shrimp with shit or what?

  5. Because I like shrimp and I cleaned it well, once the poop is removed it's completely fine to eat

  6. As a Colts fan, these are awesome! I miss him, gonna go cry now 😢

  7. Not bad at all for your first and only soccer card, congrats!!!

  8. Yup, that's how I feel about my vintage packs and old EBTs😓

  9. I'm in the same boat and going with Jones, hoping he can run in a TD

  10. I literally just saw the Key and Peele commercial skit when I scrolled by this post lolz

  11. I question these peoples parenting skills if they already make dumbass decisions like this, talking about having the gender reveal party, not lighting their house on fire

  12. Seeing this firing gets me wondering how much leeway Chris Ballard has now, no mercy league

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