1. Completed the survey, but it wouldn’t allow me to input my email at the end. I went to write my email elsewhere and copy it in the survey and the survey closed and I was directed back to Reddit. 😞

  2. The first week : you go in M-F for about ~ 6hrs each day, strictly for the E P drugs (etoposide & cisplatin).

  3. That’s almost exactly how my 3x went, except weeks 2/3 were on Monday, not Tuesday. Rinse and repeat.

  4. If you’re looking for hills, I like to run at Spring Grove cemetery. A bit out of your way but a beautiful place to run, especially this time of year. Almost no traffic, and not many walkers/runners.

  5. This just looks like an Excel sheet. You’ll need to post copies of the invoices if you want traction.

  6. Check out ACE Adventure Center. Better than A O TG imo.

  7. If one area of the county gets a warning all sirens go off.

  8. This is no longer true for Hamilton County. The county has the ability to set of the sirens where the polygon occurs, in zones, or county wide.

  9. The hole in the wood is too snug? Squeezes the plastic that squeezes the spring?

  10. That’s my thought. That or it is air-tight and that is somehow stopping the spring.

  11. After you pound it in completely pull it up with a pair of pliers.

  12. I’ve tried that now, but same issue. I can get the pin to come up but the spring stays coiled and doesn’t engage, so the pin just slips.

  13. I’m more impressed how quickly you got this together. This is the first of what I suspect to be many memes using this format and we got it here.

  14. Leave it for the rodents LOL

  15. Left one of the sundolphins in the shed a few years ago. Rodents tore up the styrofoam

  16. Wife’s birthday is soon and she was just saying she needed some gear. Now we both got some! Thanks mate!

  17. Those are all Dayton-style pizza. Thin salty crust, square cut slices.

  18. Last night was a tough pill to swallow, but most of what I have seen is pride in all we accomplished this year and optimism for the future.

  19. If Cleveland had the success we had this season I would be happy for them and their fans. I’d still be rooting for LA but only because Whit deserves a ring…just not this year.

  20. Can this be done after Sunday? We’re kind of in a place where I don’t want to change things and jinx us, you know?

  21. We didn't have the current pic for the afc champ game whats there to jinx changing it?

  22. Didn’t see that pic was up so…karma? I dunno, keep our last win fresh in everyone’s mind until Joey Brrr is holding new hardware and smoking another cigar.

  23. I make light of it more than most. One of my favorite lines like “Man, I’d give my right nut for right now.” My wife just rolls her eyes at this point but I’ve earned the right to my bad cancer jokes.

  24. Hi! I know you posted this a long time ago, but I do have a question for you.

  25. I’m sorry but I didn’t. I did have a Respiratory Therapist though, so if he is concerned that might be worth looking into. Hope he feels better!

  26. Sadly I’m used to watching football alone, so this would actually work well for me.

  27. Fritz (gray one) is the only one who plays in it. But I have fun making them both jump over it when chasing toys. 😀

  28. Multiply the precise average liters per day by 365, should give you a close total.

  29. I appreciate that. I was also asking so I could see the total for any given day, without having to figure out how many days we are since I started and just multiplying it out. But you’re right, that is a simple way to figure out I drank approximately 730L last year.

  30. I have been logging my daily water consumption into the Health App for the last year. I want to see the total amount of water I consumed in 2021 in the Health App. Is there a way to do this? All I can see is the daily average.

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