1. Rotational aim assist is when you're moving and an enemy walks in front of your crosshairs, AA will pull your crosshairs to follow the target.

  2. It's funny, I also bought a BS Box from these guys right around when you did and mine has still yet to ship. I also got the same first response as you. At this point I'd just like a refund.

  3. I should also note that the seller has thousands of all positive reviews. So I’m puzzled. Thanks in advance.

  4. Other righties that go clockwise — did you also play baseball/golf and swing lefty? I think that explains why it feels comfortable for me

  5. I’m a righty pitcher, and do counter-clockwise so it breaks like a curveball I would throw lol

  6. I am 100% ok with being wrong on this - but can you provide any source showing it was changed? It still shows on the current constitution and i have found no revisions. I can find sites just saying "no, thats not true" but nothing showing it was amended

  7. I’m not saying it was changed. There are plenty of laws on the books that are totally inapplicable to modern times. And this one is still technically the law if we ever returned to elections where VPs are chosen by the voters instead of the nominee. Just google: “can the president and VP be from the same state”

  8. I have, you get mixed results when you do. You get pages that just make the claim with no backup to it. It hasn't happened in the past so if it were to be attempted by them... i 100% guarantee it will be brought up by the dems to try to stop it since it hasnt been amended officially.

  9. This is by poltifact, who I don’t typically trust, but it’s a good explanation:

  10. I honestly don’t know. I do like the price point a lot ($12 for 67 cards).

  11. Haha hey it’s from when he joined the 16K club so in this case, I’m fine with that

  12. Not what I said at all. You commented on the hobby boxes, I did purchase those recently. WTF does it matter I wanted peoples opinion on that card, it really is that simple.

  13. It’s pretty reasonable to bring up the fact that a “beginner” has more hobby boxes in his possession at one time than many have purchased over the course of years. Not hating on it.

  14. You said “You’re new to collecting but have 10+ unopened hobby boxes sitting on your table?”

  15. Thanks to everyone that has been trading with me, this community is awesome!

  16. If that’s indeed Isaiah Spiller’s autograph, that’s pathetic… on Panini’s part and also Isaiah for how lazy that is… yikes

  17. I could be wrong but I don’t think Isaiah Spiller put the sticker on there…

  18. I think he was just making fun of the autograph itself lol

  19. This isn’t a Walmart buddy. I have no obligation to match the lowest available price, let alone put it out there as a starting offer. If you can find a better deal on these specific cards, then go do that.

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