1. Okay but the second slower car just pinned it directly into the grass /crowd

  2. Great let’s just kill more trees 🤦🏼‍♂️ I thought we were tryna save the rainforest not start swiping it

  3. We can plant more trees. We do farm them. You prefer a plastic card that can exist for eons or one that you can burn/bury in your garden to decompose?

  4. Nope…. I prefer no waste at all I use Apple Pay 👌🏻

  5. You want the real answer? A thumb print identifies the vehicle unbeknownst to the preparator. Had this person gotten away, the video would prove without a shadow of a doubt that this identifies the same truck to those who would show this video in court

  6. They have never used the fingerprint tho is what homie was trying to say… that’s just a fake “lore” that they do try to use but it never last… you will never find that fingerprint after a single decent wash 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. Holy crap you guys get cheap tix. We pay $160 per ticket presale releases

  8. It’s a small 200 venue and not even one tier has sold out

  9. Don’t you know “drax the destroyer”??? I mean it’s a household name to be real…. Also I’m sorry to hear about your loss of vision we will just have to see if it gets better 🧐

  10. What the hell would anyone stand to gain from faking one? 33 here out of touch as well.

  11. When he had the realization man this might not be the best place to be rn

  12. “Check the score , it’s like 6-24” . Bro he’s basically saying it’s 6 of his dead homies to 24 of the dead opps whyyyy is this line so damn hard to comprehend 😂😭

  13. I’m pretty sure it’s 1 for them and 4 for him and his homies bc he using football scores duh

  14. Bummed it wasn’t actually from the video. But also glad there possibly isn’t a terrified passenger in this maniac’s car at least.

  15. Broooo check my page, I just did the same thing 10 days ago on my husky’s 21st I got him a bottle of dog brew

  16. Fuck yeah all my love goes to the people FUCK THE MAN

  17. Looks a lot like the carmelicious strain from MSNL , I had to do quite some weird trimming to get light through that girl

  18. Oh noooo you lost 3 seconds of work 🤦🏼‍♂️

  19. I just want her to get put in her ugly as fuck place…. Please somebody get it through to her

  20. Nahhhhhh just record , only a dumbass gets involved

  21. Horse ended up with permanent damage because the rider was unaware that it was not good for horses to run long distances on the pavement. He ended up charged and was convicted of animal cruelty over this.

  22. “Did I actually hurt her?” Awww at least he didn’t realize and seems to feel bad

  23. Yeah I agree that he didn't seem to be trying to hurt her feelings with the initial remark. After that, he was just being an asshat.

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