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  1. Anyone recognize what trading platform they're using?

  2. Gme chart is on the left, tesla on the right and in the middle four stocks Facebook amazon Google and another I forget

  3. Saying people don't go shopping anymore is baseless when lockdowns were in place for basically 2 years 😅😅

  4. What if IC is luring short sellers so he can exit his position. What if the person familiar with the matter was CI. What if CI asked RC to issue more shares and RC said no and this is his exit. Make others short after the news so he can buy back on the down pressure. Just thoughts

  5. No sources from the article, short positions aren't disclosed and icahn was short in Feb and said he made alot of money that sounds like he closed. My guess they are rehashing old news with buzz words with no proof as they won't get in trouble for it. It's a blatant propaganda piece to trick people into thinking icahn has some crazy position starting recently and hopes it'll go down from 25 which would hopefully persuade more investors to go short following a whale. Its all fud. Be zen apes

  6. This dorito always ends up getting bigger it hasn't been right at all every time it gets to the end point it makes it longer

  7. Yep - My wife has an auto-buy that her employer matches every paycheck, directly on Computershare, for another company.

  8. Couldn't she just put her whole paycheck in and then sell them a week later keeping her paycheck and tricking her employer into buying shares

  9. She’s buying the maximum % the employer will match, something like 10% of paycheck.

  10. CPI was released. Wasn’t as bad as everyone thought. Instant market pump.

  11. CPI came in 7.7, much lower than 8.0 projected. Every stock wins today. It is not always about GME.

  12. Haha if you think cpi is the real numbers then the gme price is the real numbers too. Everything fucking thing right now is about gme. Wake up

  13. They do not need cash. The are one of the most successful VC's in history and they don't make dumb investments and have a solid risk policy for said investments.

  14. I would beg to differ friend shorting gamestop was not a solid investment

  15. It's just fucking insane, the whole world is overleveraged to the tits!

  16. Statement went out from jp Morgan see bitcoin to 13000 amid a 'cascade of margin calls'. Things are about to go fucking nuts. I have eth bottoming at 440 and bitcoin at like 5000 but that's only because I see support at these levels very strong but it is very possible that it goes below which could mean crazy low! Edit statement was an hour ago

  17. Is the term “Hard close” a common term in the market ? They could have their own definition or loophole built in. Yes, no, maybe?

  18. My thoughts exactly could this be some cap on price, although if this happened public outcry could have huge implications

  19. It's not a price cap. The next line says it would "hard close" on the asset's price that day, ie at market price.

  20. Good thing drs I.e transfer agent is not able to close without the owners permission so that leaves broker accounts getting screwed

  21. Ye I remember the hold the line comments coming in the thousands and firesale. What a fucking exhilarating rollercoaster.

  22. Imo drsing is reducing the volatility as there are less shares to buy and sell

  23. Sorry but cz doesn't deserve any praise he blocked crypto users earlier this year. That is not decentralised. Cz is the same as every other greedy corrupt entity

  24. Yes apologises I read so many stupid ftx and binance posts that I read this one wrong and wrote that response too quickly.

  25. Wanna talk about crime. Did you know either an estate or something ran by epstine won the lotto one time? Its righed thats why we cant see the drawing on tv anymore

  26. Hold up are you telling me in America they don't show you the numbers coming out, who the fuck would buy tickets to something you can't see the results of

  27. Dr Evil, I mean, Bill Gates has talked about how we need to prepare for the next pandemic. "it could strike at any moment!"

  28. Ye I'd say the next pandemic will actually be a horrible virus the shit of nightmares covid was a sheep test run, to see who obeys and how easy it is to fear monger the population.

  29. Reminds me of the episode of the Simpson where homer is king Kong and holds marge in his hand, looks like marge is in a ape hand here

  30. Bruh, this is comment illustrates how extreme confirmation bias is reached. Imma wait for more objective facts before tying it to the "COVID was a PLANdemic" weirdo shit.

  31. Dude just cause you don't see the writing on the wall doesn't mean others don't. It's orchestrated plain and simple, sorry but we live in a world run by psychopaths.

  32. Didn't see a DDOS attack as part of the counter-attack plan but it makes sense.

  33. Cyber war is coming, they did a test run in Israel recently that was a simulation of a cyber attack on financial markets. Now here's where shit gets weird they did a similar one called event 201 one month before covid and the simulation was of a pandemic. Are you paying attention yet. They tell you what there going to do if you know where to look. Conspiracy theorist my ass all the crazy theories are fact, now some shit like flat earth are thrown out to make the other theories look stupid and paint them all with same brush.

  34. Wow.... :) Can I guess what's going to happen when all the $$$ in the world magically disappears?

  35. I stand corrected. -.4697 per NYSE website

  36. Also I would like to point out that the elite have planned this market crash for decades so it was going to happen no matter what its their way of gaining and keeping control over the sleeping masses. However, gamestop and dfv is something that had not seen and completely fucks their plan, how far they'll go to defend that plan is really unknown but your dealing with people that create wars and kill millions of innocents to buy another yacht, what do you think they'll do to prevent a wealth transfer, I'm expecting the worse but we'll just have to wait and see. Giving meaning to cohens tweet this is the most interesting time to be alive, this is a fight to overthrow the upper echelon that have ruled for a very long time just look back at Rome the divide between classes, the world has been unfair for a very very long time. If moass happens fuck we can actually build a fair sustainable world.

  37. Yes but I'm guessing ops point is there is over 50 percent drsd which is only increasing showing that no one is selling so where is this downward movement coming from I.e hedgies r fukt and desperate

  38. I believe its where they hit a site or app with huge numbers of activity to bring it down

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