1. Chat gpt can be trained for different uses, Microsoft has asked for a search engine version. So it will answer and behave differently. There is also levels of quality that chatgpt can provide. I would assume bing to be one of the lowest cause the low is still much better then what’s out there now

  2. Not just search. People who think this will only disrupt search are in for a rude surprise.

  3. The Balkenreuz is not Nazi symbology, it was a military marking used by Germany, created soley for recognition purposes, not for ideology.

  4. Given the size of this plane I'm surprised there's not a lot more coverage of this in the media.

  5. https://live-production.wcms.abc-cdn.net.au/bd266b64029e733a4a9b8386e2b1dadd

  6. I do think people are overhyping the AI right now, but yes in the future this might be easier than Google.

  7. This reads like someone who hasn't used ChatGPT to do anything, just typed some things into it, said "this is dumb" and walked away.

  8. They don't always need to copyright them, they can just sell their own copies.

  9. Didn't they sue an artist for showing her own art which she put in Public Domain? The Judge sided with them if I'm correct.

  10. Getty has been involved in a bunch of lawsuits. The one I think you are talking about is

  11. thats interesting footage. as the transformers blow in the distance and then it all goes dark.

  12. earthquake lights. ( possibly ) Real atmospheric phenomenon.

  13. I very much want an Outlook plugin that re-writes my raw, angry email responses in a nicer way. Would save me so many trips to get coffee and calm down. 😁

  14. Why do you think Microsoft has poured billions into it? It'll be added to every office program in due time.

  15. I figured it was a foot washer, but the linked comment explains why.

  16. Same, I've never seen anything like that before, but guessed it was for feet.

  17. This baffles me, it's a stupidly large white object. Why hit it with a sidewinder when a short burst of 30mm will do the job, and leave a much smaller debris field..

  18. So.. who had F-22 shoots down Chinese weather ballon over America on your 2023 bingo card?

  19. They Pioneer has pocket dimensions that can keep an insanely large amount of material ready to be reconstituted by a handheld thingy.

  20. I stayed at a very fancy hotel in New York that had a clear wall between the shower and the bedroom. Couldn't share that room with mom...

  21. Id be happy to use ChatGpt to get my first drafts (im a lawyer). But the actual meat of it cant just be delegated to AI, at least not for a long time.

  22. Is there a button to quickly select the ship you are on? I keep giving orders to the wrong ships :D

  23. If you press R in the map, it will recenter the map to your ship.

  24. It's not that different from just Googling a question and repeating the first result

  25. If you ask ChatGPT the lifespan of an arctic fox, it'll give you same result as Google would in the first result.

  26. WWIII better not start over a fucking balloon.

  27. There is a law in sci fi / astronomy theory about this: at what point is it worth traveling using current tech vs waiting for greater tech to be developed so that you can travel at faster speeds.

  28. Our current best tech is a solar sail which has reached a maximum speed of 0.000065 the speed of light. It would take over a million years to get to this hypothetical planet.

  29. Actually China is one of the most advanced industrialized nations. The ultra patriotism in here is dumb. You should be more concerned that they are scoping the West Coast at a time when tensions couldn't be higher.

  30. One would think that if it was deemed a threat it would have been intercepted well before it made it to Montana.

  31. Could be they are alluding to various claims that the equipment promised to ukraine (tanks, ifvs, missiles, planes) are already there, and the public announcements of X months time are psyops by ukraine and others.

  32. This is how is should of happened. • Police arrives • Police ask possible trespasser questions • Police leaves and get some donuts

  33. Watch videos from the audittheaudit YouTube channel and you'll see how rare that is.

  34. Imagine if Earth and the rest of the Sol System were actually in the game but nobody has found it, yet.

  35. Because an attack on Belarus, eg ukraine drone strike to destroy the launchers, may serve as an excuse they need to draw them into the conflict if Russia used those launchers.

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