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@GameStopNFT is following 3 accounts - @GameStop @GameStopHelp @InfiniteTruth - Infinite Truth seems like a new addition and their description is 'Buy. Hold. Question everything.' The account is retweeting about SEC claiming jurisdiction on Ethereum, retweets data ape u/pwnwtfbbq, and Larry Cheng

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  1. An absolute crime this wasn’t in the movie. Its imperfections breathe soul into it, which makes it damn near perfect in encapsulating U2.

  2. huh! Now that I think about it... an easy answer doesn't come to mind. This is a good excuse to watch it again.

  3. So odd that he posted that pic of the lady w BBBY bags and said “well at least her cart is full” w a moon emoji and then says this?

  4. I'm still holding, but my first though when I saw that post was... she's carrying some big bags. So I couldn't tell if he was being positive or warning us. Still can't tell! 🙃

  5. Thank you for posting this. Ever since the fujifilm 150-600mm I've been wondering how the Tamron and Sigma ones adapt over. If you ever do bird in flight please post!

  6. Will do! But preliminarily speaking, I have a feeling it’s gonna be struggle or real learning curve to find the optimal settings using the Fringer. I have to kind of help it along now or else it searches. But the X-T5 has the animal detection mode and I haven’t tried that yet.

  7. On the 150mm end... it's about six feet. Funny enough... with the 600mm setting you can step in about a foot closer.

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/yx51lx/catskillcrypto/iwn2rop/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  9. I sat Kamara for him. Hoping my defense makes up for his lost points. /s

  10. Not sure I would have done that, don’t bench your studs

  11. All depends on how you want your photos to “feel” and you won’t know that until you test out the lens(es).

  12. How long was it? Did Edge play/accompany? Was it just Bono reading from the book? I’m sure we’ll have a lot more questions.

  13. A little over two hours. It was way more than reading. I don’t want to spoil it. You will not be disappointed!

  14. He’s said a few times that his favorite song is Stay. I can’t find links right now, just going on memory.

  15. Wegmans brand Basting Oil. Expensive-ish but worth every penny. Used it on last year’s Thanksgiving turkey and it was the best I ever had. Then started pouring a little over pasta and/or adding to jarred pasta sauce and the difference in taste is unbelievable. Like something out of a fancy Italian restaurant.

  16. Was this the gentleman with the leopard print on his bike?

  17. Anyone else notice that the registered username for this account is a load of I's... 👀 👀

  18. The "bar codes" are made up of capital "I" and "1" for whatever that means.

  19. Another vote for Hillandale. Pretty casual and family friendly. Don't even have to wear a collared shirt. And definitely cheaper than a lot of other courses.

  20. The "bar codes" are made up of capital "I" and "1" for whatever that means.

  21. The "bar codes" are made up of capital "I" and "1" for whatever that means.

  22. The artist took a lot of liberties with the placement of everything in here, because that’s all it is… art. Though I’m sure there are some Easter eggs we’ll find out about after the fact, like… why do the lights blink when the rocket takes off?

  23. I think they had the most impact on pop culture and music from their beginning through ZooTv. This isn’t to say they didn’t have great music or success since then. But in terms of a zeitgeist kinda moment where they were at their most influential, that era was it.

  24. Why would bbby need to sell 12 million share if they got $500 million now?

  25. Same reason I plan to sell shares to cover the loans I took out to buy them. /s

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