1. It’s great to cruise down the interstate. Slowly but that’s about it.

  2. Did you know that the word polish is the the only word in the English language where the pronunciation changes when you capitalize the first letter?

  3. Highly recommend Gyeon Wet Coat. Super simple to apply along with amazing protection and beading! For the best results I’d recommend doing an iron removal and clay bar prior.

  4. any more hints? how many cylinders? early 70s or late?

  5. agh that reminds me of a 1970 Firebird i bought last winter, legit pulled it out of a field and drove it 2 hours home. These are super cool cars!

  6. was it left on the wheel for quite sometime along with being in the sun..? thats my only guess

  7. Thank ya! If you’re near Knoxville Tennessee I’d love to help ya out on your c7

  8. How far is that from Watts Bar Lake? I’ve got some family out that way and have to visit soon. I think I pass right through Knoxville going there (coming from Chicago).

  9. Honestly not sure haha. My shop is located in maryville!

  10. Best detailer and detailing products out there imo

  11. His products are great except they’re quite expensive. Not really the best for running a business.

  12. That's why you would charge more.

  13. Lol you can’t just “charge more” wish I could just charge more on all my details haha.

  14. Would it be necessary to get a spray of cleat coat after this process?

  15. Nope, this is single stage paint. Just a nice coat of ceramic

  16. Thank you! It for sure was fun. Single stage is always a messy process haha

  17. Honestly. I’d find a great shell and transfer as much as I can over to the new car.

  18. Raise it little bit, along with sticky tires on a mtn road you’ll change your mind on being a slammed boi

  19. You'll change your mind on having a dead cylinder and "borrowing" people's hard tops when they explicitly tell you no. Go overcharge someone for a crappy detail job my guy.

  20. If only you knew the whole story.. even then you wouldn’t listen or agree.. you do you man..

  21. Personally I’d attempt to apply this then see how it went after a few months

  22. What camera/lenses are you using? The photography is on point.

  23. I wonder how people manage to see with windshield banner like that, I had to remove my sun visor because it was blocking my view lol

  24. I see just fine and have no issues. Maybe yours was too long or something.

  25. This goes hard, you took them?

  26. Yep!! Shot them a week or two ago up in the Tennessee mountains. Glad you like them!

  27. 64, but yea it’s atrocious, they also screwed up the clutch peddle assembly and half of the other gauges in the cluster.

  28. Aslong as you like them that’s all that matters. I know some dudes that collect high dollar cars just for the flex. Not because they like the cars.

  29. Clean install!! I’ve been meaning to pop in a catch can myself, this serves as a great reference!

  30. I need one for the driver side worse than passenger but I didn’t want to make a big bracket for it. Plus this side already had a hole so I got some stainless, made a bracket, then used a nutsert and an ARP bolt. Definitely try to use the spare hole on the passenger side on the NA, if you are scared to drill anymore holes.

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