1. Could you imagine the constant hum from so many of them?

  2. Let me just buy a dongle (from apple) to allow me to use third party hardware/software

  3. Kanye is far from a "genius". He had 1 good song. His shoes are shit and his religious belief is made up.

  4. Well luckily you are on the right side of the door to use a card..

  5. From my experience with the ones from petsmart, it's usually at least 50% grow. I purchased the packs...4? Times? I haven't purchased them in over 4+ years. Bulbs are blah...

  6. That’s good to know. I figured I might as well try them out, I’m pretty new in the aquarium game and my tank is already fully planted but it’s still cycling, so right now I’m in the “hmm, what other plants should I try while I wait?” stage haha.

  7. Bulbs are great for beginners. I'll give them that. But aside from them, I love Crypts. They are awesome plants that will take over the floor of your tank if you let them and they don't require much.

  8. Just finished ep 4, my ONLY criticism is the use of Patton Oswald’s voice for the raven. I love his comedy, but wow, is his voice distinctive. It’s so.. out of the tone of the other voices that it feels separate from the environment? Getting more used to it, but wish the audio editor just.. I don’t know, reduced how sharp his voice sounds?

  9. Watched 3 episodes tonight. I like it, though I think the voice for Matthew (raven) was miscast.

  10. Yeah, Patton Oswalt wasn't needed in this series imo. A recognizable voice for sure but landing outside the target.

  11. Will it kill Malaysian Trumpet Snails and pond and bladder snails? I am about to try treating my tank because of planaria. Everyone says it will kill snails but others say it won't.

  12. Yes. And it'll kill Ramshorn if you do the proper dosage.

  13. But if I don't follow the proper dosage then I assume planaria will survive? My tank is 29g so I was only going to do a half dose. Can planaria hide inside snail shells?

  14. I guess you don't know how sharp it is until you know...

  15. They know what's up in Florida. Notice those umbrellas aren't goin anywhere!!!

  16. Although domestic animals killing things and leaving remains isn't exactly metal but who TF are you to tell someone to delete something? What are you 8 and angry?

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