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  1. Masked and Anonymous. Full of stars, devoid of acting , and not compelling. Still put it on.

  2. I'd just print a case. Save a middleman.

  3. Of course they can play volatility. Anyone can, with derivatives. They are screwed by the underlying assets. But yes time is thier friend, the longer the float is not locked the better off they are. DRS your neck

  4. Mine says confirm authentication in wallet app but when I go to the app it doesn’t do anything. What am I missing

  5. Disconnect and reconnect. Works like that for me all the time.

  6. I'd love to share the screen shot of how I canceled my order ,which I assure you I did not.

  7. If they ask you what you think of the rules, would you:

  8. Do these far fetched items seem what they are? I mean what are we risking? So like, if you read birds are not real what actually occurs? The bullfighter to often gored see the bull for what it is.

  9. Bruh, unless you're loaded you always get baby clothes second hand.

  10. They would love for you to be to scared to invest your money. They are seeking capitulation. Till you stop swinging that giant dick of buying shit and enough latch on pain will continue to be administered.

  11. Have you ever seen a Man with a guarantee! You're looking at him now cause the Man is Me

  12. Is it just me or do I not give a shit about best execution on my trades? So what I saved a few cents on my average? I'm an investor and I buy and hold value companies, I just want the underlying company I own to go up and not be shorted with Phantom shares indefinitely.

  13. I feel ya. But they claim to have rules stating that if you are in this game you have to be honest and give best execution. Except the truth is the behemoth wholly gives whatever it wants so that it is phat and you have to keep engaging if you want to get by.

  14. Which somehow features all those big stable tickers.

  15. I'm gunna put on another record. Cause the music never stopped.

  16. I bet they protect your neck pretty gud.

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