1. Am I just incredibly incompetent or is there no actual live match coverage on these sites? I have an account on both ITV and BBC but I can't find where on their sites to watch live matches.

  2. Just out of curiosity, why is PG on your bucket list?

  3. Can you say more about the effects of MDMA on ADD or ADHD?

  4. I'm diagnosed ADHD. Obviously everyone's brain is different but I'll share my experience. When I don't take my meds and take molly, I have the pretty usual effects: euphoria, amazing connection with people around me, music feels good, ect.. The only thing I don't get is high energy. I would describe rolling as a calming experience.

  5. That’s interesting. I can easily go to sleep during/right after mdma but nobody else I know can. I wonder if it’s cause I have ADHD

  6. Could be! Check out other signs and symptoms. Also, if you're the kind of person that's unaffected by drinking like 6 coffees every day, could be ADHD. I feel like ADHD is very misunderstood by the general public (and even health care professionals at times). ADHD is more than just being some hyperactive kid running around that can't sit down for more than 5 minutes.

  7. I remember there was a vote on our election ballots to remove fluoride from the tap water during the 2015(ish?) municipal elections. Guess most voters voted for it, which is pretty shocking (but also not really, because it’s pg)

  8. They are allowed to fire your wife for no reason.

  9. I thought it was illegal to fire someone without 'probable cause' (or whatever the terminology is)?

  10. That’s not true for most of the US.

  11. Damn. I've worked in 3 countries and all of them had laws protecting people from being fired for no reason. That must be kind of stressful knowing that at any point you could be fired abruptly.

  12. You’ve still said nothing to support your claim. Sounds like you want to believe war is happening despite what little evidence for that there is. So I’ll let you hold onto that hope and leave it at that.

  13. See ya in 10 years my dude. Really have no desire to waste time explaining or discussing with ya. You don't know I don't know. Time will tell.

  14. I mean you haven’t explained shit. But as I said let’s leave it at that. At the end of the day no one knows what’s gonna happen.

  15. This is so sad. If you're struggling with addiction, theres no shame in reaching out for help.

  16. Every day I thank myself for buying some before they sold out. Just wish I’d bought more.

  17. I wish I did some googling before picking mine, could have potentially picked a more valuable one.

  18. Youtube and google what you don't know. I'm just getting started learning programming, and when I don't understand something the course covers I go into detective mode with google and youtube for supplementary information. I think this field really requires you to have good troubleshooting skills and detective work. Can't rely on someone holding your hand all the way through.

  19. Fav thing is the colour of the trees. And just one trip plz!

  20. I hope it's not Crazy Larry's bike...

  21. Is that the guy with a bunch of stuff hanging on his hat? He yelled at me one time after I had headphones in and didn't hear one of his comments as we passed each other.

  22. Thanks but I want to make one thing clear I am not talking about battling mental health. My mental health for the moment is more stable. I was just talking about whether or not I'll get in or if I should put it on the immigration form.

  23. In this case, absolutely do not mention it on the immigration form. Its none of their business. Don't mention it to employers either.

  24. I think most people will say "dont do it" if youre not mentally healthy. And in general, I agree with that sentiment. However, I think it really depends on where your mental anguish is coming from. Perhaps throwing yourself out there and having the self confidence to begin (and hopefully succeed!) in this journey might be a great thing. For me personally, moving abroad and teaching here has changed me a lot, and absolutely for the better. But it was a very tough experience at times. I've struggled with major depression and anxiety in the past, but not immediately prior to moving to Korea. As with any major life decision, it really depends on what you're looking for and WHY. Moving abroad is stressful. Especially when you dont speak the language and have to rely on some shady employer for basically your entire well being. There's a lot of blind trust you have to put in yourself, others and luck (or the universe, God, ect.). But if you can deal with that and make a good life for yourself, then the reward is very high. This has been one of the best years of my life personally.

  25. South Korea 2001 to 2003 was fantastic. Daegu was a great city for an expat.

  26. Currently in Daegu and I can say it’s still a great city for an expat :)

  27. How is the experience for a woman there? Is it safe for them to be walking alone? Was there a big contrast in how foreign men and women were able to live their lives?

  28. Generally, I would say that everywhere I've worked in Central Asia is safer than where I'm originally from in the US, for the most part. There isn't the catcalling that is more common in places like India, and overall harassment of foreign women is low.

  29. Thank you so much for the detailed responses! I’ve been curious about teaching in that region for a while.

  30. legend thank you for posting this.

  31. I had to use ProctorU for a final exam in one of my undergrad classes and had expremley unprofessional proctors as well. If what you described happened to me while writing lsat I would lose my fucking mind.

  32. I worked 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. 45 hour work week. 15 hours of that was deskwarming.

  33. Immigration helps the economy, so there is good reason to be excited by it. More people who produce, more people who consume.

  34. I agree, but its hard to imagine where 1+ million new immigrants are going to live when there's not even enough housing for the people here at the moment.

  35. I've seen people split one rooms and basically have beds next to each other lol

  36. Common in a lot of Canada, even for post university professionals ;_;

  37. There are a few factors at play. Although the population is stagnating, housing is still often prohibitively expensive, and so increasing supply is an attempt to make it more affordable (how effective this has been is questionable).

  38. It’s really impressive to see all this new housing going up! Makes me furious that we can’t emulate this in Canada and other parts of the world with a massive housing crisis.

  39. Who the fuck is out there hiking with a heavy 20 gauge shotgun, and why would you shoot it at a bear that isn't even threatening you? I've had bears that close to me before while hiking - I just backed up and they went on their way. No bearspray or weapon needed.

  40. I understand the desire to hike with a gun in grizzly country, seen it plenty of times up north. But how did this fucker not see the big “no firearms in national parks” sign when entering?

  41. Going to Seoul this weekend… should I change my plans?? How are things looking now?

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