1. I relate. The slurping...creates so much irrational anger. This is also constant on Pandora

  2. Your brain does funny things ...when you stay at an extreme body fat levels for a bit.

  3. If you get extremely lean, the under the muscle ones are super prominent and visible as well. Someone like Lauren Danenmiller has over the muscle and they look even more ball-like. Personally, my implants are well done, but when I'm this lean, they look unavoidably fake. But look pretty natural when I'm at a normal body fat level.

  4. Hmm Im not sure if I follow. The incisions closed up within a week. Where they were there are red marks and look similar to big bites currently. So not fully healed

  5. Are the incisions looking better with the scar treatment? They look very faint but I was wondering if eventually they get to almost invisible. This is one of my the things I'm worried about

  6. They’re still apparent but flat so I’m not too worried. I think they’ll keep fading as time goes by. The ones on my stomach and pubic area don’t bother me so much since the area is mostly covered but I’m hoping the ones on my back and arms get better 🤞 I can dm close ups later this week

  7. I appreciate that! And you look absolutely great already in these photos btw. Natural yet noticeable

  8. Those shoulders, especially that lean, would never pop and look so 3d as a natural woman.

  9. There is no significant reduction in nutrients in pasteurization milk, and there aren't any health benefits. However, raw milk isn't safe to drink. A lot of people used to die from drinking raw milk. Pasteurization was revolutionary in food safety. Don't risk it.

  10. I've grown up drinking both raw cow & goat's milk. My ancestors did too. We took better care of our cows & goats than the current shit-filled, factory farms do. And we did pretty well... no one died from milk. A lot of the people from my old country drank raw cow's milk for hundreds of years. This notion that people just died in droves from drinking raw milk isn't correct. There is always a risk of illness, but current modern factory farms boil the shit out of the milk & insert antibiotics into their cattle because they are dirtier & more sickly than pastured, local cows, where farmers actually take care of their animals. And the risk is more minimal than presented in popular media. My ancestors were healthier than the current people I see drinking soy milk & living in an overly sterilized environment, consuming poor quality animal products, & telling me that it's unhealthy to drink real milk 🤷‍♀️

  11. i’m proud of you for taking that step! my next try is going to be eggs :)

  12. Fry on pan, while it doesn't yet "set" sprinkle salt on it, then gently flip over. Cook a bit more, not too long. Yolk stays a bit undercooked but the whites are cooked through this way (I hate runny whites but yolk texture is silky smooth & SO good this way). I'm just saying, I'm now obsessed w the way I do it, then put the egg on crusty bread👍 I eat 3 like these in the morning and I'm satisfied completely til lunch. But if you're not ready at all to do that, just fry the yolk too at first 😉

  13. You stop seeing yourself & after each "touch up" you feel like you need more & more...then you see yourself in a pic and stop (was me 😅) . Just less is more, people. Also, after I dissolved most of it, it's still there but tasteful/natural because it's so much less. And it lasts SO MUCH longer than what they tell you. I swear over a year, still there and I'm NOT adding more now that I'm happy with the amount. They also tell you that you need touchups much more often than you really need it...so THIS happens.

  14. Good point! That prep face- the severe lines around the mouth. You are right. Ashley and Janet don’t have that.

  15. Ashley 1000 percent has filler (no hate, because most do). Her facial changes over the years...face got suuuper lean during her comeback then now it's extremely smooth, shiny & fuller every season. Janet looks like she has a bit less, still some, but very natural and tasteful. Enhances her natural beauty. Her face is naturally rounder too so it helps her not look as drawn.

  16. I might need to hop on this filler then, cuz in off season I have such a lean face I hate smiling 😩

  17. I want my offseason face with my on-season body please...is that too much to ask 😆

  18. What are your favorite snacks to eat in the middle of working out/gentle movements?

  19. So I started baking & I love my homemade cassava flour chocolate chip cookies so much, that I eat one before my workout or sometimes, during.... for a boost. I know I'll have protein in my meal after my workout so this little bit of gooey, carby goodness feels both amazing, delicious, & fuels me pretty well. Definitely much better than the protein bars I used to tell myself I liked , or packaged foods that didn't make me feel too good (packaged sweets or pop tarts) again, nothing wrong with those, but I didn't feel too good for my workouts after eating them, personally.

  20. Cassava flour choco chip cookies sounds sooooo good!!!! 😍😍 drop the recipe 👀

  21. I have gained quite a bit of weight (necessary because I was very underweight for my body as a fitness professional... I was extremely lean) but now, while I still have a lot of muscle (seems like even MORE because I'm eating adequately w the weight training) I also have more healthy & necessary fat. I have a regular period & I'm no longer starving and my energy is great. But I'm just a much heavier, bigger individual & it's something to get used to. Even though I'm not in a bigger body in terms what most ppl think of as bigger...my mass makes me heavy and I feel like it's much more difficult for me to do things like pole dance that i just started. But I guess that will motivate me to just get even stronger instead of trying to get super lean again which is unnatural for me. I guess I don't "feel graceful" & feel like I need to get used to this bigger me. I'm also trying to squash the thoughts that tell me I'd feel lighter/faster/cuter as a smaller version of myself. I'm relearning how to dress this new body. It's a lot to process.

  22. I realized recently that most of the stretches I tend to do are forward/backward stretches (like bending forward to touch toes, etc) and way fewer of them are side to side stretches. I’ve started incorporating more side to side stretches or twists and my body feels so much better. It might be worth considering some new stretches for after a long time sitting.

  23. I love those! I think they're called windmill stretches/exercises. A trainer recommended those for me and it stretches out the whole side/core, leg feels like my whole body is more balanced incorporating those,!

  24. Started at 25. Became a pro at 30. Competed until age 33 & due to different priorities, health reasons, standards favoring more enhanced physiques..I stepped away. Also, statrted to have ED brain come back while trying to compete too long & stay in a certain body fat percentage for too long, so i had to pause. Still love the sport.

  25. Lol??? Wtf is the conspiracy theory part??? This is real, it happened, they did this weird shit. Not a theory.

  26. Because this shit & kids are now unfortunately politicized. No one actually cares about the kids.

  27. I'm finding it much more unsettling that this "grooming" moral panic is (inadvertently or not) putting the LGBT+ community at risk because the most vocal critics are trying to draw a direct link between trans/gay people and exploited children. It's gross and people are now being killed over it.

  28. I'm part of the LGBT and am against kids involved in anything that uses kids for any sort prop or introduces/shows them any adult -themed lifestyle ...in any way before a certain age. Just leave the effing kids alone. Don't care which political party.

  29. Getting to this point (compared to when you were yearning for his love)...is the pain lessened now? Are you relieved to get to this point?

  30. I already feel foolish. But getting the pain out of the way would be a relief & make it much easier to hopefully move on. Wishing you the best. Take care of yourself now.

  31. 10lb and 20+lb from stage weight is a big difference. You can sit at around 10lb above stage weight and be completely healthy and build muscle optimally and not loose it on an exreme diet you would have to do if you gain 20+ pounds.

  32. For some people 10 lb above stage weight is NOT healthy. For some it is. I'm 5 ft 8, lots of muscle, not petite. At 10 lb above stage weight I still do not have a period back. So we're all different.

  33. I lost my period at 22% body fat. Women need more fat than men, I hate how these stupid scales have completely brainwashed people into thinking they need to have extremely low body fat to be fit

  34. I also hate how every lean (but not shredded) woman thinks she's 15% body fat, but is more like 22%. That's Still athletic and lean. Everyone is just so off.

  35. Harder to stay full for me, then filling out was a hassle because your body can retain water if you do decide to add carbs back in, & you don't know how your body would respond at that point

  36. Would have kept that, only because it's so much prettier in my opinion

  37. She looks adorable (aside from the dumbass whelp face) in the first. Perfectly feminine and strong/fit at the same time. Body dysmorphia is a bitch.

  38. I think it's harder for me because I never liked the taste of meat even when I did eat it, especially red. I think I might start with eggs, possibly some fish or chicken, but I'd rather eat beef as you get so much more food from one life.

  39. For the longest time I was scared of red meat and thought I would hate steak. I wouldn't recommend to start w/ beef (unless you're braver than me, then go for it!) But I started with eggs (my body loved it & I was craving fried eggs... then I was obsessed with that for a while) , then greek yogurt with all the fun toppings. Then chicken. I tried ground beef (bought quality grass fed 93% beef) & it was pretty good, digested that well. Steak took me forever. I still eat steak only once in a while. I learned that one should probablt start w/ filet mignon as a newb. Yes, it's the most expensive cut. But that's for a reason! I didn't like the tougher, chewier steaks, but filet mignon slices like butterrrr. No weird texture, just absolutely delicious, tender, & so satisfying. So if you try steak, treat yourself to a filet mignon first, if you can. I absolutely love it and my stomach felt perfect after eating it! I put it into my head that I'd feel something, but my stomach digested quality red meat surprisingly very well & immediately! Compared to eating tons of beans or lentils for years when I tried to eat enough protein...man I was constantly bloated. I was sick of legumes so badly, I can rarely force myself to eat those now. If you don't want to cook your own steak, i recommend going to Longhorn Steakhouse they have great steaks for surprisingly moderate price compared to other restaurants and they don't taste like chain restaurant food imo. Again, I'd order filet there 😉 later on, if you realize you like it, you can make it yourself using sustainable farmed, local (whatever ethical requirement you believe in) meat. If I misunderstood and you tried filet before, disregard 😂 but I totally forgot how enjoyable it was so it felt new to me after 7 years.

  40. You could also try different methods of cooking. Tough (cheaper) cuts of beef can be made tender in long cooking methods. Also, if you are near an Asian market, you can buy really thinly sliced meat and they are tender because of how thin they are. Great for stir fry or hotpot!

  41. I once tried to do a roast in crockpot and I thought I cooked it long enough, but it was still pretty tough. Granted this was a few years ago and maybe I still didn't cook it long enough 🤔 or maybe I didn't cut off certain parts that needed to be cut? But thank for the suggestion about the Asian market, I'll definitely try that!

  42. Because it's like a religion either way. I'm DONE w/ extremes. Omnivore, whole foods, animal and easily digested vegetables & fruit diet here. Real raw dairy where I can find it. Mostly unprocessed & as close to nature as possible. Also, funny little experiment. I demonized all sugars at one point. Caused me to crave it badly and binge. Reintroduced real sugars (like honey, fruit, home baked things), felt a little crazy around them for a couple months. Now, I eat LESS sugar because my body isn't craving it constantly anymore, not because I can't have it." I literally never thought I'd crave less sugar by actually eating it in moderation sometimes. And My body is finally thanking me for not restricting myself from major food groups.

  43. Idk much about the sport, but it’s my understanding that weight doesn’t play a factor in the competition. It’s about your class right? So why do these women ALWAYS post their weight and talk about “a new low” or “I haven’t weighed this since highschool🤪” it just seems like a weird flex to be like look how skinny and light I am. Maybe I’m wrong so someone please correct me if that’s the case??

  44. Because many bodybuilding competitors have undiagnosed/diagnosed eating disorders & body image issues. Every single lb is hugely significant (aside from making a visual difference) & every morsel of food is overly obsessed about. The leaner you get, the crazier your brain becomes (a natural response to starvation). Food & weight become highly important & most of what one thinks about 🤷‍♀️ competitive bodybuilding has a lot of people going into it with underlying issues. There was an actual study that found almost 30% of competitive MALE bodybuilders have met the criteria for bulimia at some point. And that's only males. Definitely much bigger percentage compared to the regular population.

  45. I'm not sure! Maybe someone can chime in. I feel like I see these on rotation from time to time. But in my area, seemed like they were in clearance, getting rid of them. But again, I feel like I've seen these come & go before

  46. not about the bratlettes, but my husband loves the royal class and crane boxer briefs they sell. definitely just as good as hanes/Hilfiger. clothing at aldi can be surprisingly good sometimes.

  47. Guy speaking here, so I'll add this while acknowledging that maybe I'm not in my lane: I sense this sub is predominantly women. Given that the vast majority of the country is in favor of a woman's reproductive rights, I can totally see why this sub wound tend to lean one way in 2022 where one party is explicitly trying to strip away those rights.

  48. Agreed with the red trying to strip my rights away to my body. As well as the blue with trying to force me to do something to my body I was personally against bc of many reasons...including medical ones. But they tried to fire me anyway. Fuck them both lol.

  49. Maybe JUST maybe if the GOP wasn’t going far right you wouldnt be seeing all these downvotes

  50. I'm an ex Democrat (not republican either, though) but the dems lost me and many others I know going insanely the other way and becoming authoritarian fucktards. Not that the Republicans will probably be any better. The current extremists on both sides just love enforcing their beliefs through government.

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