1. Letter to Elise is a very weak copy of Pictures of You. Never liked the song.

  2. Who’s that chick that just recently came out and said that there was a tv star, that everyone knows, but everyone in the business keeps their mouth shut about him. I wonder if that’s who they’re talking about, Charlie.

  3. Was it Katherine Ryan? Take your pick from the comedian she's alluding to, but it wasn't Charlie Sheen.

  4. I suspect next season that the cast will all be speaking different languages. It'll be a plot twist where the bilingual talents of the cast will come into play and their first language will be different to the first season.

  5. Because it's a bot posting headlines taken from other sites.

  6. Last 3 at this venue, and the next UK tour will be a summer one with outdoor London venues. Nothing more to it.

  7. It's a precursor to Big Hand, I think. Same theme, as others have pointed out, in addiction.

  8. Pearl said Robert would edit out all his guitar solos, as they were too over the top. And yet Reeves is allowed to shred. Much preferred Pearl, and although Reeves is a stunning musician, his guitar in the crutch, Jimmy Page/Slash style posturing whilst shredding is anti-the Cure for me.

  9. Except he doesn't play anything like Page or Slash. I can understand fans preferring someone else (I too enjoy Pearl more), but Reeves has his own sound. In fact, he has a lot of them - exceptionally good guitar player.

  10. Are some better selling than attended? I know in the UK, some touring bands have said they're struggling, as they rely on merch, and whilst tickets have done really well, a lot of people don't turn up - weather, cost of living, flu season, etc.

  11. Social media allows a lot of bands direct promotion to fans without the need to do interviews to get media visibility. More people see their social posts than would read an interview. And the tour sold out without press, I think.

  12. Why did Boris leave the band? It’s clear RS has still got a lot of time for him.

  13. I heard he wasn't happy with a lack in progression of the songs/sound. That he wasn't around a lot in the studio for Wish for a surprise to read - Pearl, too.

  14. It doesn't make the top 20 Oasis tracks from the 90s for me. It's way too formulaic, like a failed mashup of Supersonic and Cigarettes & Alcohol. Being a fan after hearing pre-Supersonic releases in the music weeklies, this song was the first bump in the road, but its b-sides were sublime. Amazing vocal by Liam though.

  15. The songwriting is quite different compared to the other two. Some Might Say is a class(ic) pop tune that they turned into a rocker, while Supersonic has some psychedelic undertones to its melody and Cigarettes and Alcohol is a straight up rocker

  16. I politely disagree. Some Might Say, to my ears now and near 30 years ago, was a simple rewrite of earlier songs - their first paint by numbers single.

  17. A few of the singles, and only really as they were so overplayed. Pretty common, I guess, with a lot of bands who have mega hits.

  18. Take away the drive/distortion pedal/amp setting Noel is using and it's good. What the hell was he thinking with that level of fat fuzz?

  19. If that's a flute, he's been playing a banjo for the rest of the set.

  20. Only because it was up against a Robson & Jerome iconic track.

  21. Nothing could compete with those Soldier Soldier guys in the 90s.

  22. Interesting, never noticed this. Probably has more to do with what it was competing with at the time. It's not like Oasis were the only band making good music in 1995-96.

  23. Take a listen to the artists who kept Wonderwall from #1.. The 90s, like every decade I guess, saw lots of talentless artists having big hits, but Robson and Jerome must be closer to topping that talentless list.

  24. I feel another era of the band/lineup would've taken these songs to a much higher level. I'm just not a fan of what Reeves is contributing to them. He's a stellar musician, but his writing/guitar parts on the new tracks are instantly forgettable. Still, I'm very grateful they're playing new material - and I don't for a second believe they'd play the strongest tracks on the album to have them sit around on YouTube as bootlegs for six months.

  25. This is really something! Those chords, vocal melody and lyrics, with your voice and guitar style.. really something special. I can hear this as a solo piano piece, a full band song, a solo acoustic song as you're playing it now, and more. There's not many songs I can say that about. Where are you thinking of going with it? Instrumentation? Arrangement? I'm keen to hear its journey.

  26. nah, the most humble motherfucker is messi. dude just chills, doesnt complain, and hard carries teams

  27. Wikipedia has them down as having one top 40 single (Wonderwall, which went to #8). Isn't that the definition of a one hit wonder? They weren't as big in the US as the UK thinks they were, and this subject had been covered many times on this subreddit. Had they really taken to task touring the US extensively with every album release, there probably would've been more top 40 singles.

  28. Standing on a Beach, Head on the Door and then the release of Disintegration. What a year that was for me at school. For some reason, I didn't really take to Kiss Me at the time, although I had all the picture disc singles. The prettiest girls in the year all wore baggy black cardigans, and the guys no-one fucked with had bird's-nest hair going on.

  29. Was the Crystal Palace gig the one with Lush, James and All About Eve? If so I was there as well!

  30. That was the one, yes! It was also Adele's first ever gig apparently, when she was 2 or 3 years old.

  31. dEUS. Start with the Ideal Crash, their third album, but they're all excellent if you drop in on their debut or most recent.

  32. I'm 47 and not a fan of any new bands. Occasionally, I'll hear a good song on 6 Music, but nothing stands out to me.

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