1. She's getting everything removed. Wonder what happened.

  2. welcome to a snark page newbie! i’m sure these people who have made billions profiting off of insecurities and cultural appropriation care SO much about this sub🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. I caught that! Good thing I recorded it to my phone and didnt embed a link!

  4. he’s finally escaped the title of “kim k’s makeup artist” and is now known as THE Mario Dedivanavic

  5. Okay…..she still photoshops her instagrams and gets work done…..they are all the same

  6. yeah but if you haven’t see her since 2003 you would still recognize her if you saw her today

  7. “In his previous profile”? But not on this profile? So wait… how do we know that this profile is his?

  8. is there anyway we can verify this is actually mason? this is actually really damaging for the klan if it’s mason😳

  9. Yes to the second part. sometimes too much filler makes it impossible to fully dissolve

  10. agree. i was happy to see other celebs with better creative direction show off their fashion on the red carpet and not be overshadowed by the press of yet another boring KJ look

  11. astroworld wasn’t even a good album. i was a fan during his rodeo & birds days and astroworld was overproduced crap

  12. i think thet are still cool with Adrienne! i saw a recent clip of her talking about how kim encouraged her to do surrogacy

  13. Because the KarJenner Klan doesn’t care about the men in their family. They’re not as valuable when it comes to marketing and their “empire”.

  14. she has said that she has gotten work. not sure if it was a BBL or injections but she did confirm it like a year ago

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