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  1. This image was the one peice of art that got me interested in Warhammer as a kid. It was so badass, scary and unlike a lot of other fantasy works at the time.

  2. 7 days. An absolute bare minimum of 7 days and the US can't even do that.

  3. Yeah but... on the kitchen table is really pushing it.

  4. Well now you lured me in off the street.... what you gonna do to me?

  5. Chaos Nonno always on those worker's rights.

  6. Ok. That's enough Rimworld for today, buddy.

  7. Ah, I see. Yeah the pop system seems to be the most complex system in the whole game lol. Otherwise Stellaris seems to be fairly simple though.

  8. It's also the most intense CPU wise like holy smokes.

  9. Hah, yeah. Would be cool if games weren't limited by hardware on the logic side of things, need ourselves some 9Ghz 32-core CPUs built on graphene. Although I don't know how well Stellaris is optimized; could an optimized engine introduce better performance without changing any systems fundamentally?

  10. Perhaps. But I think, until the game ends it's development cycle CK2 style, we won't see much of a increase in performance.

  11. The Genie is maybe thicker than I would think and the Yttakin is too feminine as I get the impression they have very literal dimorphism amonst themselves. Very uniform body people.

  12. The one guy who is good at his job hates you lol

  13. For reasons I don't understand, the game will (rarely) skip to day 46,000+. It has happened to me once in the thousands of hours I've had this game running:

  14. If they ever fix this bug I just hope they keep some kind of joke event reference in the game because damn this is one of the funniest bugs I've seen since a Lindwurm spawned inside of a tree and couldn't move.

  15. You can tell the Archotechs built that because the buildings are multi-story.

  16. The only research your colonists can never complete:

  17. You; using cores to make money: weak, feeble, a living breathing L.

  18. In the case of this room, that's actually an improvement.

  19. "Spear of god" "Allah is my strength" "held by kaiser of holy roman empire"

  20. "Only the Messiah; master of all three Abrahamic faiths could wield it!.....

  21. Imagine Marienburg as a sort of super settlement kinda thing. You do a whole bunch of Merchant Quests to upgrade it and unlock a roster made of many different kinds of troops that you can mix and match.

  22. As a proud non baby eater I'm afraid that I had to authorise myself to tuck in for the good of my waistline.

  23. Now I want Maxime le Petite riding an even bigger horse while being a quarter of Henri's height.

  24. Rangers, one bolt or grudge thrower with the master rune of disguise, all heroes except the engineer with Prospector's Mail (I usually take King Lunn and have the other Thane out assassinating), Engineer gets the Stalk skill from yellow line and Thane gets the skill that gives Rangers fire from Stalk.

  25. Yakkity Sax plays as a thousand Dwarfs unstealth and restealth while they skirmish hundreds of confused goblins to death

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