1. I've had rare issues with some motherboards not working with some keyboards before entering Windows. It might be that or potentially a faulty keyboard or motherboard. Without another keyboard or better yet a PS2 keyboard which should run analogue, it will be hard to troubleshoot further.

  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestions! I have tried multiple keyboards, but that did not seem to change anything.

  3. Well I was suggesting unplugging the front USB panel header(s) incase it's faulty and messing up all the ports but if you haven't tried using it, you could go for that first.

  4. I don't play MW2 but from any posts I've ever seen it's pretty crap for optimization and CPU heavy. If your CPU is getting maxed out it's most likely you need to upgrade that or maybe see if there are other things running in the background first.

  5. As long as whatever he's playing isn't maxing out from being a four thread CPU, a RX 6600 should work fine. If you find the CPU is getting maxed out you could always upgrade later.

  6. Sometimes a memory controller or motherboard can have issues when you add sticks since it's harder to run four than two. Especially if it's high speed RAM.

  7. Even a320 motherboards, which has the weakest power delivery on AM4, can run a 5600x without issue. The only thing you will really be missing out on with a b450 is PCIE 4.0 and Smart Access Memory. Other than that generally that's the only things you'll miss out on and that's still not a big deal in the majority of circumstances.

  8. Bro, Can you elaborate more about this PCIE 4.0? Where is that located? How's that work? I watched so many vids about this PCIE 4.0 and I'm still confused

  9. PCIE is a motherboard/cpu data protocol and also a slot, like the one modern GPUs plug into. Bandwidth, so the speed of the slot in laymen's terms, generally doubles each iteration. PCIE 5.0 is just coming out. The industry was stuck on 3.0 for a long time but there is little to no real difference with graphics cards presently on the market running 4.0 on a 3.0 slot, besides maybe two edge cases, the RX 6400 and 6500.

  10. 24" at 1080p is the sweet spot, at 27" it's the max suggested for a desk monitor. At 1440p the sweet spot runs from 27" to around 32". It's all about distance from the display and PPI(pixels per inch).

  11. Since you're going to a 3060 ti, as a former owner of a 4790k with a 1080 ti(slightly weaker than a 3060 ti), your a 4790k is inadequate to reasonably pair with a 3060 ti. You should do a new build if you want to use a GPU that powerful and get full use of the GPU.

  12. A quad core i5 750, five generations older, when overclocked easily beats your dual core CPU. Your CPU is really weak by modern standards or even when comparing to older CPUs. Your CPU may not run at 100% depending on the game no matter what you do if it's an old game and/or the game engine is poorly optimized. Your CPU is definitely part of your problem.

  13. What wattage and model are the PSUs you tested with? Also please add a full build list, preferably using PCPartpicker, to your post. No one can offer good advice without both of those things.

  14. You didn't list a motherboard but even without that, looking at the situation and the other hardware, the motherboard is the most likely to be causing the issue. Though you may want try the system with a 2x8gb RAM configuration. Four sticks are harder to run than two so that could be a potential cause but even if that's the reason the motherboard is still potentially the cause.

  15. It's a pretty old/weak system with asymmetrical RAM which is a potential performance hit and the game has trash optimization. So no surprise, at this point you should be looking at basically a new PC.

  16. Wish I had money for that, I'll have to stick to that for a while. I was thinking about upgrading RAM MOBO and CPU. Do you think it will do the work?

  17. I'd go with either Intel 12th gen i5 or 13th gen i3 or better. For AMD Ryzen 5000 or 7000. You likely NEED to replace the PSU too unless you bought it recently. You shouldn't risk new hardware on an old PSU, especially if your PSU has an extremely high likelihood to fry before your new hardware gets replace.

  18. Yeah it's a relatively well speced, modern PC. It should be fine to play 1440p and 4k to some extent, even with ray tracing and DLSS or FSR

  19. How am I supposed to know though? I don't know how much ram they have or their cpu or coolers.. lol

  20. An upgrade to a 8700k and maybe something like a RX 6600 or 6700(xt) would probably be the most cost effective upgrades and make the system suited for modern games. The PSU potentially be a concern with a GPU upgrade though, don't know for sure since it wasn't listed.

  21. Thanks! I'll have to check into the PSU. I do recall thinking it was a solid PSU when I saw the specs, but I don't remember exactly what it is. What's a solid PSU for an 8700k processor?

  22. The PSU is wattage is more based on the GPU than CPU. If you put a build onto a

  23. Yeah, it's pretty trash. I thought the acting and dialogue on the Dwarven/Elven storyline was decent but most everything else was pretty bad.

  24. I'm thinking of first time building a pc for VR gaming, do I really need to connect the headset to my PC the whole time for a more stable experience?

  25. I both sticks can run DOCP in either channel by themselves, it's probably a CPU issue or less likely a motherboard issue.

  26. It isn't going to matter much having a seperate OS SSD. There may be a very small performance difference but not enough to really matter if they are similar types/specs and you usually are wasting some storage space by doing that. It might be worth considering if you want a small fast NVME, which tends to be more expensive, and a much larger cheap SATA SSD though.

  27. The 10100f really isn't worth is in your case. You'd be better off with a used 4790k that has relatively close performance or maybe something like a Ryzen 4500 or 5500 if your switching platforms and your budget is tight.

  28. Thank you this is kinda what I was looking for (and also the one I was looking at) not really looking to switch platforms because I want to do another full build at some point because it’s fun but for the time being I just kinda want to beef it up.

  29. 4 thread CPUs are basically dead for modern gaming. Even newer ones are inadequate so no point in getting a i5 on your platform. I'd go with the 4790k or the 4790 is usually cheaper but not quite as good.

  30. You're forgetting about electricity cost. That's why I said efficiency Trumps hashrate.

  31. Cool story bro. You seem to keep conveniently ignoring the fact that VRAM often gets thrashed from mining. Doesn't matter if you didn't OC your VRAM, which I find suspect since that's been usually the most efficient with a few difference coins, other people do.

  32. WD Red is a substantially below the MX500 which uses DRAM caching. Red model are the lowest tier of WD drives meant for things like security cameras and slow bulk storage. Even comparing the MX500, a high end SATA, verses a M.2 Red SSD, I'd go with the MX500. The blue is a better line and generally better than the Red line so if you're talking a WD blue M.2 NVME I'd go with that over the other two.

  33. Thanks. WD Red uses the same controller as WD Blue (old 3D) with DRAM, seems like a "prosumer" repack of WD Blue for NAS at a lower price point with a different firmware and tested for better endurance. I also spotted somewhat slower (but IDK since they're both capped at SATA speeds I suppose) results, only got hooked on lower power consumption and the fact it's sold by an official retail shop with a 5 year warranty.

  34. The WD Red may have good "rated" endurance but they usually have very weak caching compared to WD blue. So a WD Red will probably be slower than a HDD on large writes. Caching is important in performance on writing large files like a modern game. There are even good modern DRAMless SSDs but they use at least some SLC caching and system caching. Any WD Red SSD I know of uses QLC NAND which has half the endurance of TLC and also have weak caching.

  35. The problem is you have a 4 core 4 thread CPU. Maybe a RX 6600 would be a good fit, only on anything that's not maxing out the CPU that is, which is many modern games at this point can.

  36. Oof, the 1080 ti is still great GPU. You will be better served with a CPU upgrade now though and especially in the future for a later GPU upgrade.

  37. I've carefully busted the clip off before when I've had that problem and can usually get it back on. Worst case the clip is toast but it's not necessary for the GPU to function.

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