1. If you buy the gun back though does it keep those upgrades you put into it? Or does that go back to default?

  2. What is the complete level 1 of all mine repeating challenges like? I’ve played the game lots and have most trophies bar that one and some tied to other characters I never really played as. Is it a long task to do I never really looked at them but I want to go back and get the plat for this and the pre sequel this year sometime and those trophies have put me off a bit

  3. The level one of all of the badass rank challenges? I thought they were going to be miserable, but thankfully, the trophy states that you only have to complete "non-level specific challenges." So, mostly just combat ones. I had most of them done, but I ended up having to grind out 750 shotgun point blank kills as I didn't have a single one after I beat the game. I'd say go for it for sure! I had the game sitting incomplete for years now and I finally got the motivation to push through. Good luck to you, I hope you plat them!

  4. Ahhh okay so they dont sound too bad then, maybe just need to grind some kills with weapons I don’t really use I’ll hop on sometime when I have a gap in release I want and see where my maya is up to as she’s the one I’ve played most as. Thanks!

  5. Circular saw really was the goat for madhouse for me too! Also the scrolls for the 3rd Jack fight really helped. Still struggled a fair bit though it’s cool that they didn’t trivialise the difficulty by a lot. At least for me. Was a lot easier for sure but I still died bunch

  6. Oh yeah that bit killed me a few times too! I don’t think I’d have been able to finish the mode without unlocks though they really helped me. Village was easy due to just being a powerhouse for village of shadows only bit if that I struggled with was Heisenbergs fight due to not having my own gear to use

  7. Really enjoyed getting this platinum too! What helped was I did a playthrough and did all side ops and stuff then took a long break and then came back and did mission tasks and s ranks it really helped not burn out on the game

  8. My rarest plat I think is metal gear solid 5, while the game isn’t super hard it has a few challenging bits but the game itself isn’t hard But due to how long it takes most people who have played the game don’t bother But I had a lot of fun doing all mission tasks and the s ranks are actually quite easy ehike they seem hard as you’d think the game would demand perfection, but 90% of your score is based on speed so if you follow a guide for a mission you are stuck on you can get an s rank easy

  9. I really enjoyed this too! Got this last night, while the game has flaws I really liked it, and I think due to how messy the suicide squad game is shaping up to be I think more people will appreciate this game more once that generic shooter looking rocksteady game is out. People will be praising this in comparison

  10. Suicide Squad still seems to be a second chance since it's delay, so they'll try to overhaul it

  11. Not sure if there would be more they could do to “fix” it without doing a lot of changes that would basically scrap a lot of the game I bet the main thing they will do is make it so you don’t need an online connection to play Which is a good change as always online is a stupid model for a game

  12. Got this for the vita in January! Played it for the first time 2 years ago and loved it so went back this year to do new game plus and got the plat! Mainly did it as I Will get the ps4 version at some point and then the vita version won’t be needed so thought I’d clear that first then next time I play will be on the bigger screen!

  13. I liked playing persona 4 on the go. I played while I cleaned the house or went for walks in the park.

  14. I get that, I perosonally get too distracted so even though it’s a portable gaming device 9 times out of 10 just sat on my bed playing it and it taking it anywhere, it’s great if I’m going away for an extended period though! I don’t have the concentration to be doing chores while the game is on I can’t focus on two things at once

  15. What region are you in if you don’t mind me asking? The plat name is differnent for me it’s called :concordance officer

  16. It is a shame I got into the series last year and played and platinumed both, the fact we even got the second game was lucky. So jarring seeing Xbox game studios in the intro. Lucky we got it tbh. Was only becuase it was quite deep in development when the purchase happened with Microsoft so they still went ahead with the ps4 version

  17. I’ve heard somewhere that the crashes are due to the body’s of the enemies or something But I was given a hacked shotgun and I used that for the few underdome missions I have done due to how long and tedious they are but the hacked weapon obliterated enemies so it doesn’t cause any body’s to be left. Haven’t gone back to finish the underdome or the plat for that matter But I want to go back soon as I’m very close on this and 2

  18. I have got platinums that I have sort of forgotten I’ve done as they were so long ago but never have come across a game I was sure I didn’t finish then notice it was done That is a bit strange

  19. The main game was very simple Just a bit of a grind in some parts! The free dlc can be a bit challenging solo but if you really struggle just knock the difficulty down or have a friend help you But if you only play to do the main game I’d say it’s like a 3/4-10 more 3

  20. Big thanks to a few people from the Gotham knights sub for helping me with the heroic assault dlc trophies, bit of a pain without some help!

  21. Laura Bailey is one that springs to mind, for playing the character of Abby in the last of us part 2 she was getting death threats when the game came out for playing a character that did something people didn’t like.

  22. It wasn't just Laura. She received death threats targeted at her infant son also.

  23. Yeah I mentioned that in my comment, saw ones mentioning her son and i was like yeah these people need help for saying shit like that

  24. Wild thing with this franchise is, I have never seen anyone talk about how good the series is Most people I’ve seen say the first 3 are good then they get over the top and stupid, but they must have some fanbase as they have so many films now yet I only see people hate them

  25. I haven't heard about Hades, what makes it easier?

  26. It has a god mode option, but not in the literal sense of you can’t die, you start out with increased damage resistance of 20% more than normal But each time you die it increases by 2% and caps out at 80% damage resistance. So they made it with the games rougelike elements in mind still but the more you die the more defence the mode gives you to help out people who are really struggling So basically the game gets easier for you the more you die

  27. Oh that's really cool, I don't care much for roguelikes but I did wanna enjoy Hades so I might check it out again.

  28. Yeah same here! I haven’t tried it but the whole loose all your stuff on death game mechanic has never been one I’ve loved so it sounds like a good option to have for people that want to enjoy the story

  29. I hated this so much. The last season as well was just the most awful thing ever spending a whole season on a wedding for Barney and robin to divorce 2 seconds later instead of making the season about how ted finally met his wife but she gets a very small amount of time For her to then die off just so ted can go back to robin

  30. Worded it quite poorly, I was enjoying it for the most part but the last season was a slap in the face and ted did start to get very annoying but by the time it started to get really awful I was almost done so I thought might as well just finish it

  31. 10-15 minutes It’s a demo I don’t see the need to be playing the opening of the game a hundred times I’ll just wait another week for the full game

  32. That’s a really neat idea! If you keep hunting though you will run out of room eventually! Guessing that’s the goal though :)

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