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  1. Warwick main here. You can 1v1 pretty much every other jgl before finishing your first clear if you play it right. Just stay away from chickens until you have tiamat.

  2. Playing Warwick just feels so natural by now. He has some mechanics, but they can be done without studying the champion for 3 years. I don't have to think much about how I play and can focus more on what to do.

  3. ggez is bad but still kinda okay. But everyone saying stuff like "thanks for tutorial" should get at least a chat ban.

  4. Der hat mich auch mal angeschrieben! Ich habe eine N64 angeboten - nur die Konsole selbst - und er hat 20€ geboten (der Festpreis lag bei 35€, glaube ich).

  5. You shouldn't have shown this to me. Now I'm thinking about actively making my avatar not centered to upset people

  6. It makes me mad that people get in gold without the mental capability to cover 2 spots for a minute...

  7. Würden aus Reflex Frankreich einnehmen — so sieht’s aus!

  8. Das war auch mein erster Gedanke, als er erwähnte, dass es ein E-Bike ist.

  9. Why do I feel like figuring out who this is and repeatedly gifting them Seraphine.

  10. Interesting that seraphine is always getting blamed for the scorpions and their hex crystals.

  11. Tell him to chill. There are a lot of people over 18 (me included) who never even had a relationship. So instead of pressuring you he should feel lucky.

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