1. The face pancakeing on the hard concrete is just 😬😬😬😬

  2. And all I hear is doom music blaring in my head my God was that man throwin hands

  3. Well see here's the problem that's the 22nd boss the true 2nd boss is the opposite way down the stairs

  4. Girl watch surtrs trailer and said "Ight no one hurts my goobis"

  5. If you look closely...you can see this guy did a couple of dance moves

  6. Any horror movie so that way I can look tough and say I'm not scared while they huddle into me 😎

  7. Me: Jesus The demon I call my brain: You spin me right round baby right round!

  8. Thor and Loki mostly. I like assassins with high mobility & burst potential but also like mages which can be played safely but still can do decent damage, like Hera and Baba Yaga. Open to all god types though, except not very good with hunter adcs (I’m ok with Chiron and Neith)

  9. Kukulkan is a good Mage pick he does a tone of damage his 3 or 2 (can't remember) does good tick damage and his 2 or 3 (again can't remember) Increases his movement speed to it helps to away from fights Plus his ult hits like a truck

  10. I have gone several hundred shard with no leggo, and I’ve also pulled Leggo back to back with the 10X champ. Luck fluctuates my dude.

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