1. Counterpoint: the universe is deterministic and you can't chance the future once you saw it

  2. The universe takes into account that you have these powers and gives ya false image of what will happen knowing that you will act in a certain way

  3. Just did a google search and seems like the us and some other american countries use a dot and most european countries use a comma

  4. But minecraft uses a dot and not a comma so why refer to thems as decimals?

  5. Sword does more damage a second but the axe delivers bigger hits and breaks shields

  6. …what’s your problem? the death never took place on screen so i was just seeing if anyone knew anything about it… just something that never made the final cut.

  7. Also the death message is pretty self explanatory he discovered the floor is lava

  8. AlternateHistoryHub has a great video about this idea, and why Trotsky was not an obvious successor to Lenin.

  9. you think CHAINmail was made with CHAINS!?!? how ridiculous! that makes no sense! you had to set the crafting table on fire!

  10. Well actually chainmail isn’t really made of chains well not in the typical sense of a chain

  11. This is bs my brother is off in college right now and he’s definitely part of our family he just won’t be able to log into the Wi-Fi

  12. Because it picked it up also they run really fast so don’t approach it

  13. Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down

  14. General Thrawn, what do you think about running a party, when none of your friends are coming to said party?

  15. I feel like original it’s just what worked the best with the Union Jack

  16. Sounds like you’re qualified to be a chef at the mooses tooth

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