1. Like others have said, it’s very unlikely that all dromaeosaurids hunted with the same group structure. They were a diverse group that hunted a wide variety of prey in a wide variety of biomes. It makes sense for them to adopt every strategy in the books because evolution favors what works, and what works for one situation isn’t going to work for another.

  2. I personally think they were probably like crows, opportunists who could either live in small groups or alone, but do not raise their young communally.

  3. This gives me hope for my number one wishlist pterosaur, Pterodactylus itself. I'd worried it was too small to get in.

  4. Took me about 45 seconds, think I got lucky.

  5. It'd be Acidocheirus anyway, since scientific names traditionally use Latinized Ancient Greek and not Modern.

  6. This is Iguanodon lmao, idk why OP thought we should stop calling one of the most iconic dinosaurs that didn't appear in JP by it's name.

  7. Decidedly so. Love that one. Mrs Todds shortcut (short story same collection I think) is also brilliant! I could go on - his stuff can be hit or miss - but his best stuff is some of the best… across any story length.

  8. Increased scent reception or air flow are my guesses.

  9. I remember Dali said he was "sad" about the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War, even made painting about it. Puts a new perspective on who he was sad about.

  10. Not to me. 99 percent of his work only reaches "strange", maybe "unnerving" at worst.

  11. Not always, there is a brown species as well. They are called limpkins

  12. The limpkin only vaguely resembles the white ibis.

  13. I did go back and look up some pictures of limpkins, I guess I remembered them being more similar looking.They aint nearly as ugly and their beak is shorter, but from a distance, and to a layman, they do look pretty similar.

  14. I've always found them way uglier than ibises.

  15. Lysine is an essential amino acid for Humans. This mean we do not produce it in our bodies and need to get it from our diet.

  16. This. Humans are naturally lysine deficient.

  17. I don't know, some generic basal sauropod, like Zigongosaurus.

  18. The red can vary quite a bit I think, but I'm European and we don't get them here.

  19. You’ll get a 6 pack of dinosaurs you’ve never heard of and you’ll like it. - Frontier, probably.

  20. I find it very hard to believe that, unless they were discovered in the last ten years.

  21. Thanks for the clarification. It’s a Wood pigeon. From the picture I was looking at the beak and white line on the back of the neck. Check out ebird.com and look up band tailed pigeon. You’ll see the similarities.

  22. What bug eating bird? You mean the red billed oxpecker?

  23. I genuinely thought that was going to be the twist with the Indominus, and the fact that it was just a raptor disappointed me.

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