1. Property maintenance guy here and can confirm twat it.

  2. What? Nothing wrong with an MTB with a racing crank set. LoL

  3. I’d avoid the suspension fork on a hybrid entirely. Imo, it’s one more moving part to break.

  4. And absorb some of your turning force when peddling.

  5. Answer: Bird flu again. This time it's crossed over to mammals apparently now.

  6. Pull through with the old cable or use a wire coat hanger.

  7. I'd say both Labour and the Tories fault here is that they both see finance and manufacturing as the 'only' important sectors and have done for nigh on 30 years.

  8. Should have removed the battery if you don't want to remove the shell.

  9. Point taken. There have been rumours around Risky and his shifty spouse.

  10. "she is only being a good person to make the conservative party look bad!!"

  11. True, and she doesn't have to try. What is the first syllable of conservative party? Con.

  12. I was like, what? Then relized it is a multi tool.

  13. Heinz, and Walkers (Lay's) are American. Jaffa Cakes (McVitie) is a British brand. Cadburys? What are they now?

  14. Sorry to break it to you, but McVities are no longer British. They are owned by Yıldız Holding - a Turkish conglomerate.

  15. I like the idea but even dozens of spiders would be no match for a large roach (German speaking) infestation. You’d need some decent sized roach eating reptiles

  16. Anything that doesn't block your hearing is fine, neck speakers for the win.

  17. For once something that looks like a bite. Like others have said, it's difficult to tell what.

  18. Cross a flooded area and receive a flooded engine.

  19. I had the same dylema since in Poland as well trains are significantly cheaper so I asked my partner once this and apparently it has something to do with the way the rail actually operate in sense that trains are expensive in the UK because they owned by the private companies, so even though the government own the railways, they don't own the actual trains therefore the prices at times can be enormous.

  20. its weird how much redditors who mostly never use rail, hate british railways. i use them all the time and theyre mostly pretty good and mostly quite reasonable. can usually get half way across the country for under fifty quid.

  21. You're thinking of income, not profit. Profit is pure profit, it's literally called profit.

  22. Being that most can't afford it, not so much.

  23. Wanting a female only space for feminist issues isn't anti-trans.

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