1. 4x4 but I have a 4x2 supplemental/dry tent I might have to overflow to.

  2. Not a single problem and pretty even canopy. All diff strains. All 5 gallon besides one 3gallon

  3. Lookin🥶🥶Definitely lmk how that forgotten cookies x Sn smokes/tatse 🙏🏾

  4. Thanks Dr! Always feels great to be QC approved. The freebie is an extremely heavy hitter. I highly recommend it. I'm growing a Fugue now bc of it. That Amnesia can lift your head off your shoulders and spin it. Can take two hours right off the clock. Great yield too, about 4 oz from 3 gal soil. Might be my new favorite Meph.

  5. Beautiful work bro! Haha and thanks 🙏🏾 always strive for the 🌌then some more. My way of appreciation. But yeah i think i have 5 atleast I haven't pooped,maybe 10. Will definitely have to check it out. Have to much going on + ima about to dove into photos 😈

  6. Follow up from my post the other day from when I cut her down. She is gorgeous and greasy as could be. Smells like lime jet fuel. The nugs are very dense and large. Can’t wait to smoke it.

  7. 6 your wildin 😂, next run is gonna be 3 this is 4 but i could def fill it out with 3

  8. You're gonna love the cdlc freebie cross. Not to long harvested mine if you want to check my profile 😉

  9. Yo Doc. , How many days? Got triplets finishing pretty fast here on D 63.

  10. She’s pretty citrusy so far. Reminds me a little bit of an orange starburst.

  11. Just pulled mine several weeks or so ago. Does she amell like a spite or lemon lime esq?

  12. Yes very terpy. Smells like skittles, I grew 3 and 1 had a different pheno the other 2 came out purple like in the pic

  13. Interesting, i had a purple koolaid/ burnt rubberish smell. Definitely gonna pop more.

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