1. Aw man i dropped my turtle jeremy in one of those you telling me he wont

  2. Jeremy will. But the rest of us will just get mutant cancer.

  3. This shit ain’t a zero sum game, dude. We can build up men and highlight the specific disadvantages they face without tearing down women.

  4. According to reports, Victoria Alonso, a former executive at Marvel, told a director at the studio that the credit for one of their biggest movies should go to the studio as a whole, rather than to the individual director who helmed the project.

  5. “I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt, and my butt smells, aaand… I like to kiss my own butt!”

  6. Even by the end of Sunshine, Jr admits he knew all along Peach wasn't his mom.

  7. I don’t think Peach totally understands where babies come from…

  8. Tropic thunder skates by on the basis of intention just fine

  9. Satire is different because it functions on two levels: the surface level and the actual level. There’s no intention. It’s just that the point of the joke isn’t what you’re watching, but rather the message behind what you’re watching.

  10. Fuse for instance. He just called it glue.

  11. Hmm it's very hard to say whether this is real or not. The most suspicious thing is that the word "fuse" was not mentioned. The fuse mechanic seems like it's going to play a big deal since that was half of the presentation. The fact that this leak didn't mention that in any form and instead talked about crafting and repairing weapons is sus.

  12. It did mention it. He mentioned “glue” that can stick objects to each other. He was referring to fuse.

  13. Ivvvvve got hick some creeeeamy *hickup hick* pasta for yaaaa

  14. I read this in Rick Sanchez’s voice

  15. How many times do we have to hear these remake rumors?

  16. “How many times do we have to hear these remake rumors?”

  17. Any new Metal Gear info would be awesome!

  18. What in tarnation? I say, I say, I say that there show for the television is only on one of them limey channels that we have too much freedom to be able to watch.

  19. As an American I can say this is quite relatable!

  20. I’m pretty sure that was on purpose bro. You’re underestimating just how petty George Costanza is. Lol

  21. He doesn’t even need em. I rode with him once and you shoulda seen him spotting those raccoons!

  22. I can’t believe it’s not honey! 😱

  23. You're already in April? Damn I'm still in March. Gotta catch up.

  24. No spoilers! I haven’t finished February yet!

  25. This era of WWE usually is. This was right around the time of “Peak” WWE and it was amazing.

  26. Personally I consider Attitude era their peak, unless we’re calling that “WWF”

  27. Was the Undertaker riding a motorcycle in that Era? Because that’s the best era.

  28. Yeah he was actually. That was part of it.

  29. It's fine. They're harmless to people but will eat ants, termites, roaches, bedbugs, and anything else that wanders into the dark corners of your basement. All they ask is to be left alone, and hang out in cracks in your floor boards.

  30. One bit my grandpa on the head and it left a crazy scar for the rest of his life. They may not be life threatening, but I wouldn’t exactly call them harmless.

  31. This. At least kill the fish so they don’t slowly suffocate trying to breath in those little puddles. 🤦‍♂️

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