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  1. Its a genius response to say, "Sorry I mispronounced your country, and we're trying to do better in the US"?

  2. Subtlety and nuance can be difficult to understand, it's okay

  3. Not sure about the answer to your question but kind of depressing for me that you need to mention race in the question, nearly 29 years into a new dispensation. Of course it does influence the outcome often so I don't blame you for doing so (I'd have done the same if asking the question) but kind of makes me (white SAn) feel somewhat unwanted in the country of my birth. I hope you do get in though :)

  4. I don't think we needed to know the "I'm black" part

  5. Unfortunately it's very relevant. Being black means he might make it in. If he were white there'd he no chance at all

  6. As a side effect, the Mercator projection inflates the size of objects away from the equator.

  7. Lots of interesting theories on why the Mercator projection was kept. My personal belief is that it made the USSR seem much larger, and thus amplified the Red Scare the US pushed on it's people. But another belief is that it makes Europe seem bigger and more important

  8. Crazy how you can ingest psilocybin and not "believe" in evolution. Psilocybin is a neurotransmitter that creates appetite suppression in insects. Producing it ensures that the mushrooms are able to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation. The weirdo monkeys tripping balls on it is an unintentional side effect

  9. You could apply that to literally anything that living things are or do

  10. Horrible no matter the animal, but doubly worrisome that he would do that to such a unique animal. Most people I know would be giddy to see a wild armadillo. Who says "you don't see that every day....I wanna kill it!" ? Glad you didn't hire him.

  11. Same thing with soldiers who shoot any animal they see. Especially when in foreign countries. Not even allowed to eat it, they just shoot it because it's there. Makes absolutely no sense to me

  12. Fun fact, sharks have been around for longer than trees have

  13. Where are you getting that? A cursory Wikipedia search says that sharks diversified during the Jurassic period (earliest would by 200 Mya) and trees appeared around 370 Mya

  14. The earliest record of sharks in the fossil record dates to 450 million years ago

  15. Having a fat fetish is probably the best way to have a great sex life beside just being gay

  16. The Aisha memes are getting overdone, but this one was good

  17. Comments in the OP pissing themselves with anger

  18. Yeah, Americans find dark humour much less funny when it's their icons being shat on

  19. Pretty sure she was grabbing a chunk of his brain and tried to put it back in

  20. All the secretaries gave him head, but in the end only his wife tried to take some back

  21. These posts in here are so ridiculous, it's a joke sub people...

  22. Influx from twitter, probably. They'll filter themselves out soon enough

  23. This is a picture of her husband being murdered right next to her, she’s reaching for the back of his skull. So no.

  24. Also my first thought. But usually they just use kids

  25. Because Russians are notorious for being bad tourists

  26. Russians, Americans, French, British and Chinese tend to be the worst tourists

  27. War is an inherently immoral affair. A general's primary obligation is to achieve victory. Secondary is to ensure the welfare of their soldiers. Only then can a general concern themselves with morality

  28. I mean given that the Gallic wars were considered unnecessary and Caeser himself basically started them, that doesn't really absolve him

  29. Short guys blaming the fact that girls won't go out with them on their height is one of the funniest things in the world.

  30. Just not true. I'm tall, but my most of the gfs I've had have told me that it's a requirement that they not be taller than their bf. It's definitely a big thing for a lot of, if not most women

  31. Whole point of them was to have people bust their asses knowing that nothing would be produced through their labour. Something along the lines of forcing prisoners to paint coal white, but with no need for paint.

  32. It was to power flower mills. The ancient Romans had something similar in mines for slaves

  33. How anyone can be stupid enough not to realise this is satire is beyond me

  34. Genuine curiosity, what do hookers cost in America? Maybe it's just my poverty stricken South African mind that can't comprehend anything over 50 dollars being cheap, but 70 sounds like a lot for sex

  35. The only thing that made the Hobbit good is how bad Rings of Power is. It put things into perspective

  36. The real mimics are the friends we made along the way

  37. Idk man I think General Butt Naked is the greatest African general, he went naked into battle and ate his enemies hearts to gain power in battle. This was also in the 1990’s. So he is pretty based. No lie he lives a quiet life as a preacher now

  38. Actually he ate children's hearts before battle, as they had protective magics. Although it apparently didn't work for the children, I guess

  39. He is in my opinion the single greatest Military leader of all time (strategy in battle wise, big picture not so much as the Russia campaign showed

  40. I agree. But he seemed to get worse with age as his ego blinded him

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