1. I found this really thought provoking. Thanks for the questions!

  2. Agree, it will be interesting to see the results.

  3. Daschunds. The only breed my dog doesn't get along with. They always seem to be yappy little turds.

  4. France 2014 was so stylish and my all time favourite. Germany 1990 for the most iconic.

  5. I agree to an extent. The quality of play is decent but the empty stadiums kill any atmosphere. WU and Macarthur were rushed in quickly with terrible branding, and it's hard to see their fan bases grow much further.

  6. It's quite reasonable although no doubt plenty will still have a whinge. Good that revenue is being put into park maintenance, which is currently lacking.

  7. If you stop at Gundagai, you can turn off to Nangus Road and reach Wagga in roughly the same time as the standard route.

  8. Norway the best bet, surprising they didn't qualify for 2022. Algeria possibly.

  9. Spain will be very good in 2026. They have some really good young players and could have easily gone further in 2022. Could do with some penalty taking practice though.

  10. Ben and Holly is great, lots of clever jokes in there.

  11. An expensive band t-shirt about 20 years ago from a local music store. I still feel guilty about it.

  12. Exactly, looks like it's late at night and almost empty. Not sure it's something people should waste time getting worked up about.

  13. Almost everyone is appalled and sad about this incident. The fact is it has happened and as fans we need support the league stronger than ever in order for it to survive. Let the police do their thing, get out and support your team, and help create a positive atmosphere. Same goes for Paramount, it's not the best however they put money into the league. Stump up the few dollars (two coffees worth) a month and help support the league or future broadcast deals will be non existent.

  14. With this result, Argentina already has one leg in the finals. I don't see them losing to Netherlands or Croatia. They are solid favorites and don't think we will see 2 'upsets' on the same day.

  15. Come on, Argentina already lost to Saudi Arabia and Australia nearly took them to extra time.

  16. I've been here almost 20 years although I still don't feel it is 'home' due to the stand off nature of a lot of people.

  17. Scotland has a slightly better team on paper than Australia. Asian qualifying is a slog, especially the away games in extreme heat.

  18. Wearing an Australian one-day international cricket shirt as well, I'm sure he goes to a heap of football matches

  19. And a Wallabies scarf by the look of it.

  20. I haven't been through that intersection for ages although thought it was one where U-turn is OK?

  21. Mandarin juice is a hidden gem.

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