AITA for making my parents choose between my sister going to jail or replacing my car with their vacation money.

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AITA for serving my boyfriend a cookbook for dinner?

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  1. In multiple responses, you mention, why is it OK for women to say things, but not OK for men. Stop focusing so much on men versus women and just be better yourself.

  2. Rage? I think you were over the top or imagining things. To receive that level of emotion would mean others care greatly about your opinion. Respectfully, what you’ve posted does not imply that level of relationships earning that level of emotional response.

  3. This looks like fun information, but it’s very frustrating the way the prime advertises the mileage in mix mode. It’s complete BS., Unless your electricity is completely free. Considering the cost of electricity driving and electric mode is about half the cost of driving in gas mode, so you’re saving 600 to maybe $900 a year. Good but not so amazing is Toyota would have you believe. Still a good car.

  4. YTA. Being honest with the in-laws, and being hurtful, are two different things. You chose to be hurtful and distrepectful with family, which at some level causes pain to your husband.

  5. If the situation is as you describe, then, no, I don’t think you should tell your boyfriend. You made bad choices that lead to difficult situations were you realized your mistake, and were able to correct it before things got heavily sexual.

  6. This is terrible advice. You're encouraging her to lie about her infidelity and making it sound like a favor to the gilted partner.

  7. My intent was never to encourage anyone to lie, nor to make anything sound like a favor. I interpreted the situation as something regretful that was stopped before a “point of no return” (where that point is, is of course debateable).

  8. NTA, families first priority should be their children. That includes grandparents.

  9. She went to a New Year’s Eve party, where she didn’t know people instead of being with you. It’s a problem. Seeing she “crashed at a friends house” is very different from mentioning a girlfriends house. IMHO, or, if the friend is not specified as a woman it’s usually a guy.

  10. I would hesitate to remove them. I’ve seen multiple instances of people installing the racks stripping screws. I think the metal is not tempered and every time the screws are turned there’s a risk of stripping

  11. I have no experience with abusive situations. Maybe this perspective may be helpful:

  12. The basic rule I usually follow is “the funeral is for the living“. If the family of this man is going to be in your life in the future, and you are prominently displayed in his pictures, and the kind step would be to be there for them as well as for yourself. If you have no intention of interacting with them for the rest of your life, then you can choose a different path. None of these decisions are easy, considering his young age.

  13. Pointing out hypocrisy is fine. You’ve mentioned she regrets her choices, so there should be some shame there, But pointing it out likely not going to help, so avoid.

  14. What I don’t understand, is if you understand your sister is jealous why would you invite him over by himself? you can be completely innocent and correct but you know she has a problem, invite them both over.

  15. NTA, OP, were there any consequences for your sister to pay back your parents the money they lost on their vacation? Does she appreciate that there’s family sacrifice that prevented her from having a police record?

  16. A good friend, support you in public, and teases you mercilessly in private, but always in ways that make you better and stronger. A good friend may joke with you in public and light in playful ways, but never hurtful.

  17. What’s the realistic value of the Prime SE? TLDR - less than $5k benefit in 5 years, based on my 2021 Prime SE

  18. Could you clarify the confusion with entry-level position and my team? I also did give my team-members instructions before I left.

  19. When you said my team, I thought that meant you were managing or in a leadership position. Instructions for coverage should be sufficient when entry level if your boss needs to call you for an entry-level position it’s either horrendously bad management, or extremely unique situation. I think you’re describing bad management start looking for other work, stay ahead of the failure curve, it’s coming.

  20. Respectfully, you may need to honestly reassess your position. If you were truly at the same level as all your coworkers, why would your boss need to call you multiple times while you were on vacation? I’m not suggesting you need to be a jerk about it, but you do need to have an honest appraisal of your value.

  21. NTA she is wildly off-base. Everyone of the kids could completely love her, but they could never love her as their mom because she is not. It’s incredibly simple. Since she thinks otherwise, Is completely broke.

  22. Do you mean 7 way vs 4 way connector? 7 way helps with brakes, right?

  23. 7 way adds 3 cables to the 4way. 12v power, reverse light and brake controller wire.

  24. How wire it for RAV4 ? Factory is a 4 wire, so cool for you!

  25. The kit you purchased includes pieces for all versions of the RAV4, so several of them will not correspond to the RAV4 Prime.

  26. Thanks for the update. A lot of those will work for the prime, but were not available when I got my rubber mats. The kids available now are better than the ones available a year ago (or I missed them)

  27. Well .. ok, I’m a bit jaded. Maybe I need to be called out. What do you think is great here?

  28. Relatively safe suburbs, good people, beaches, restaurants. No widespread meth problems.

  29. My #1 concern was your getting tubes tied since you dont want kids.

  30. YTA and ESH. YTA because wanting to take 3k of 7k savings is a HUGE ask. If it was 3k of 50k+, then it would just be ESH. Just guessing, but maybe OP needs to learn more about the costs of living, so there is more understanding.

  31. NTA, keeping a sense of humor is important! Good job!

  32. YTA, speaking from experience. I think your aunt is being a bit over the top/dramatic/etc, and find it unfortunate that she cannot make the day about the future of the family and not the past. ive been in similar situations and choose to focus on the future, since thats my priority.

  33. UGH, this situation sucks. Girl, 28F is going to end up hurt, and 29M, the tea leaves were not that hard to read, you were thinking with the wrong head.

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