1. The number is the only thing that is important. But the new cards have your doc recommendation expiration date too so I’d just ask for your local dispo to print out a new one and laminate it.

  2. Blueberry cupcake is extremely relaxing with a cakey blueberry smell. Extremely smooth to vape and euphoria creeps down into the legs. The buds are dense and cured well. At first glance it doesn’t look crazy, but upon closer inspection you see the tightly packed trichomes glazing the surface of the buds.

  3. Does Blueberry give you that crashing feel or do you ease back into sobriety?

  4. I’ve found they seem to have the cheapest prices for carts. Are there other places in Columbus cheaper?

  5. Yeah and other ones have better cart sales on certain days. Shop around on Jane

  6. Nice! coming in from Ohio also! I visit LA a couple times a year tho. I’m staying in West Hollywood and going out Friday night. It’s the most walkable nightlife area in LA.

  7. Ngl that was our intention 😅 a good j in nature with good views is hard to beat

  8. The only reason is that it comes with an engraved tin that easily holds over an o and is seal/smell proof. They look cool af and each drop will have a new engraved location after somewhere in Ohio so each drop they will be exclusive to that time. That being said I’m not paying that but some stores (like verdant) do 20% off or more on their whole store. So if you’re getting that get it on sale 😂

  9. What can they do? Half the doctors don’t say

  10. im picking up what your putting down. So i can still catch a minor possession then taking it with my to my friends house or what ever then. uhh

  11. Depends on the cop too. Best bet is if it’s open and you need to transport it keep tags on and act like it’s an open bottle of liquor: in the trunk or locked box

  12. @iabrady2 I’m an Ohioian heading that way too

  13. Same my man and I (both 24m) are just renting a large suv to cruise in and stay in. From Ohio so it’ll be different. Esporta gonna be a life saver for showers and gym time. But budget trips if you’re getting vip tickets 😅

  14. well it says they allow lighters so I’m just leaving that in the open in my bag and hiding a joint or two as tampons in my bag 😹😹😹

  15. Guess they can’t assume two 6 plus guys are dudes so maybe ima rock with the tampon joints too

  16. Dude same but from Ohio. Making a whole trip of this tho to get that full la vibe

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