1. And I am using it 95% docked. Its simply preference. And ofc up to external factors.

  2. I would also recommend watching this video and to jump on the official website. Most things are explained there.

  3. Will read that for sure later! Looking forward to it so much

  4. He is a mate, so I guess yes :O - u are a real one though key banana, i see you alot around <3

  5. Hay guys, another video in which I compress all the information about the upcoming vct leagues. This week I portraid the AMERICAS League including all the orgs, teams and players including their stats. Hope you enjoy that type of content.

  6. He has an injury and just recently switched back from overwatch. It was pretty clear he won't ply in the beginning perhaps we see him prior to brazil getting more playtime

  7. Talon is pretty good tbf, wouldn't underestimate them.

  8. As this obviously must be a bait I don't wan't to go to in depth on that. But as someone who enjoy the medium of film and anime as a form of storytelling I can tell you that the rules you mentioned aren't rules, except you are michael bay who isn't providing anything but visuals.

  9. cNed looking hot. But we all knew he is a world class Jett. Wonder how he's gonna look on other agents / comps - Also Suygetsu is nasty

  10. People will still get their freaking essays out that the phantom is better. So tell me, why isn't anyone playing it, then?

  11. I am impressed by TH but also its sad to see that I got confirmed on RRQ. This was a rough one.

  12. Roster looks really strong for an ascension team!


  14. A note on Jamppi and other players with short contracts:

  15. :9339: my god you are right HAHA. They are the academy team at this point HAHA.

  16. Hay man, I appreciate this comment a lot. <3 have a good one

  17. There is no universe in which Liquids isn't an S Tier announcement. Kcorp and C9 been cool, but nothing special imho.

  18. Right about c9 but your tripping balls with kcorp. Kcorp and liquid videos were so good that i had to get their flairs lmao

  19. I enjoyed the kcorp one and everything starring ScreaM is an instant classic. But not on the same level as liquid for me. Still above C9 though

  20. As most peopel would agree French players’ stats are distorted by playing in VRL. (I know this isn’t inventive)

  21. Yes the stats are. I expect them to drop for sure.

  22. In the given period (last 6 month) xms played:

  23. Good pickups. Jamppi said in interview that he had big impact on who they will pick for the team.

  24. https://www.thespike.gg/news/player-ratings-matches-results-notifications-vods-pages-and-more-website-update-1-05/733

  25. I dont know... I do not feel too good about this roster.

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