1. In my head, she's running around saying "PARTY PARTY PARTY!" lol. What a sweet and happy dog!

  2. Got one of those Noxgear LED running vests for night runs.

  3. They are awesome! And if you can handle a little bounce in your light, I got myself the lamp add on. Super bright!

  4. I've got a magnetic/clip on lamp that's worked well so for, but the Noxgear one has it beat on all fronts. Grabbing one now!

  5. So sorry for your loss. Spacely looks like an absolute sweetheart, and he looks like he had a very happy and comfortable life. Rest in Peace, Spacely. You will be missed terribly.

  6. Sticking with EV, not sure if it'll be Tesla next time though.

  7. Been enoying my Hoka Challenger ATR 6's. Using them mostly for running along the gravel canal road near my house, but they do great on solid road too during hybrid runs. Also surprised with how well they do in the snow, but don't expect ice to be any less slippery in them, haha.

  8. Most definitely mental health. It's an "escape," but also a consistent goal for me to work toward and achieve. It's funny because going on a run could really be looked at as a single obstacle. If you don't want to run but then you go for a run, you overcame one challenge. But really, the whole run feels like I'm meeting and overcoming challenges the entire time. It's nice being able to 100% focus on something as simple as moving my legs and breathing, but meeting the challenge for something as difficult as moving your legs and breathing, lol.

  9. You could do things like reach out to blogs and ask if you could write guest posts about the importance of testing your tabs. Include different scientific references, like the actual variability in LSD doses, or which drugs can also fit on a tab in active doses, and which of those drugs are only active sublingually and which of those are still active if only swallowed. Be sure to include many reliable references, or else it sounds too "fear monger" like.

  10. A lot of straight men can feel shame around any type of sexual experience that isn’t considered “normal” or “traditional”. My ex husband had been raised in a catholic/military household. Growing up in that type of conservative environment meant he was very repressed about what he actually wanted. They eventually accepted that he was gay. But he couldn’t ever accept his own desires.

  11. My agreement with this comment needed more than an upvote. As someone who grew up in a conservative environment that made me fight against who I was for way longer than I should have, this is some great advice that shows support, starts the process of moving forward, and doesn't leave room for games regarding the future of a serious relationship.

  12. They're mostly talking about "moderate to vigorous physical activity", which also isn't defined, but presumably covers more than "vigorous physical activity".

  13. Vigorous physical activity is defined by achieving 70-85% of the individuals max heart rate for an amount of time. Suggested max heart rate is 220 minus your age.

  14. How do you figure this out? I exercise everyday but I don’t actually know how much it gets my heart rate up by.

  15. Most people use wrist sensors such as smart watches or fit bits, but there are other bluetooth heart rate sensors as well. The most accurate is going to be one that straps around your chest. If all you want it for is to track your heart rate as accurately as possible while exercising, I'd recommend a chest strap. If you want additional things like tracking your pace, distance, laps/splits, then I'd recommend a FitBit or SmartWatch.

  16. All of these pictures are precious, but the last 2 really get me! Give my love to Jameson, and sending you warm vibes as well!

  17. While growing up, a couple different girls developed huge crushes on me. I never did anything about it of course, but they said what attracted them to me was that I made them feel seen, like I was REALLY talking WITH them. I think that's the same characteristic that tells some women when a guy is gay.

  18. i guess that’s a fair point but they were overreacting on the weed. Everyone was all like “no it’ll bring the trip back” but he’s fine lol.

  19. Thanks for willingly listening to this point of view. We're glad your friend ended up being fine after smoking weed, but there was a very real possibility that it could have sent him back into a difficult mental state until the weed wore off. At the same time, if he'd tolerated tripping for 2 straight days, I'm sure he could have handled another few hours if the weed had triggered something, lol. It was your friends mind we were worried about, and ANY additional substance at that point would have been unwise for strangers on the internet to recommend. But you know your friend and we don't, so that makes a huge difference in what we could suggest, and what you could actually do based on your best judgement for the situation.

  20. You're gonna have to do some research about buying off the dark net

  21. >The doctors told me I’ve suffered drug induced brain damage from benzodiazepines and RC benzos

  22. Yeah, I highly doubt he has had before and after brain imaging done that can confirm ANY brain damage.

  23. Just got one of these delivered from UPS. There were 2 tiny "file screws" inside a small plastic baggy, and an invoice for the 2 screws. But mine doesn't have a phone number on the package exterior, and the invoice only has the Home Depot number, so they must have messed up my scam.

  24. Make sure to take plenty of water, might want to let someone know where you will be at in case of emergencies. Make sure your phone is charged up all the way. You should take some oranges for energy. Some light snacks. Speaker for some music.

  25. All great suggestions. In addition, I'd recommend packing a simple first aid kit with bandaids and antiseptics and such.

  26. Not sure why this wasn't uploaded as a square 😂 lots of the video is cut off and the quality is bad. Sorry guys 😭

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