1. It's Brazilian not quite Portuguese but similar

  2. You're both confused because technically neither of those is a real force. ;)

  3. Centripetal force is a "real" force. Centrifugal force is an intertial force, sometimes called an "apparent" force.

  4. I can draw a map of my neighborhood with just my eye by walking around. A map of the world is just a bigger version by smarter people.

  5. Hi, I’m the person asking everyone to rate the offsets and the rugs in these posts. These rugs I give a 10/10. They are different rugs, right? Or are they the same rug? Anyway, I feel you have great taste in rugs. For the offsets, I would give a 6/10 to the Jag and a 10/10 to the tele, although I hear ya, I too have had a guitar (an SG) with a d-shaped neck that I couldn’t stand.

  6. It’s the same rug in two different spots and orientations. I agree with your assessment of it, though. The weight and thickness is exactly what we wanted. The colors are both pleasing to our eyes and extremely effective at hiding the fur of a tri colored dog, who sheds quite a bit. It came with tassels along two edges, which wasn’t a feature we sought out, but they did look quite nice. Unfortunately, I had to cut them all off because our dog started eating them.

  7. If you want a simple drop-in replacement, look into replacements for TOM style bridges. I think schallers roller bridge works

  8. My apologies lol Acoustic is what I’m looking for

  9. Now this is something i could look forward too, did a couple years up in buffalo so my standards a bit high haha but excited to try nonetheless

  10. If you’ve gotten accustomed to the wings in western (or even central) New York, you’re not going to find anything that is remotely comparable on the island. I lived in Bellmore for a few years and tried all the local places, including boss crokers and they’re pathetic. The best wings I’ve had were at press 195 in Rockville Centre but they’re not cheap.

  11. The best thing about wantagh imo is accessibility. You have sunrise and southern state for crossing the island horizontally PLUS 135 and wantagh parkways for crossing the island vertically, which is a pretty rare feature for LI. And the best LIRR line. And Jones Beach.

  12. I was actually in Barnes and Nobel recently and noticed they had two versions of the books in paperback. One was the version you linked and the other has identical cover art but the books were larger and has fewer pages.

  13. I put 10's on all my electrics, which kind of surprises me because my two mains are a 25.5 and a 24 inch scale. But one thing I like about the jag is that the short scale makes the strings feel more gummy, so it doesn't really make sense to me to compensate for the shorter scale by using heavier strings.

  14. I was fixed on 25.5 scale guitars with 10s until I got a BMG with a 24" scale. I jumped ship to a 24" jag very quickly after that.

  15. I'm surprised that he gets away with such light strings since he uses a coin as a pick. I have the same intonation issues with light strings though. It feels like I bend them out of tune just by pressing them into the frets.

  16. That's an interesting choice. I feel like she could do well in a lot of sci-fi. She has that other worldly look.

  17. That has been the reality of life for a long time. $1350 could maybe get you a shithole in forest hills when I lived there 8 years ago, but even then you were definitely going to be paying utilities.

  18. Meanwhile, I’m jealous of that guy’s bucket. The emergency kit in my classroom is my phone and a chair to prop against the door

  19. I did occasionally. There’s something about being Mario in rainbow road when you have a star that just feels… right.

  20. Generally, graphs are helpful to see the relationship between many points. When you look at the equation y=x2, most people will think about individual points: if x is 4, then y is 16, etc.

  21. My education is pretty much limited to “heart worms are bad and this heart guard pill I give him every month prevents them”.

  22. I'm not surprised that working architects use different language than what you're seeing in books. This happens for a lot of reasons, but the big one is that their language is shaped by the kind of work that they routinely do.

  23. I grew up in Rockville Centre and most of the friends I made in my early 20s were people from Oceanside and Baldwin who came into RVC for the bar scene.

  24. It's very difficult to even imagine a church without song. Music is so deeply connected to Christianity that a study of the history of western music generally starts with the chanting of gregorian monks. The new testament mentions singing of hymns at the last supper.

  25. Oh really? Why the cheapest clothes are always polyester then, not merino wool?

  26. I'm pretty sure the manufacturers just set prices based on the midpoint of all the sizes they produce, since retailers will likely buy some above and some below that price point to balance it out. It wouldn't make sense to do the same thing with shirts made from different quality fabrics, though.

  27. This is a review book, not a textbook. It's a supplement to a traditional curriculum, not a replacement.

  28. I'm a frequent flyer at Bakers of all Nations in Mineola. They specialize in Portuguese pastries, most infamously pastel de nata. But I especially love the spinach and cheese pastry that they make.

  29. When I was in my late teens/early 20's, I would go at least once every couple of months for a concert (when I was home from college). But I lived in rockville centre at the time, so it was an easy trip. Now I live in ronkonkoma, so I go far less. Maybe a couple of times per year.

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