1. The problem here is that one parent complained and he got fired. Where it should be that you correct the parent, not the principal

  2. Must’ve stank really bad. I don’t care if someone else smokes but the nasty smell it leaves in everything and your clothes too is just nope

  3. The beater probably better reflects what they’re paying him, unless he’s wearing his car into the building it shouldn’t even be an issue.

  4. Even then, if i like to drive a beat up old beetle for some reason that shouldnt be a problem. I can drive what I want if im rich or not.

  5. They’ll make another one before 2035

  6. Or that game where you do like 5 levels moving a pixel trough a stupid maze and then you get a heart attack on the last level

  7. Was hoping I was gonna see him live at rampage belgium but he cancelled, love his music.

  8. This guy is crazy, he also stress tests expensive cars and is planning to do it to a bugatti chiron.

  9. Dat boy wide. You like the wheels are thinking about changing them?

  10. Damn i hope CSGO2 is coming. My entire squad quit playing 2 years ago and all of us are super stoked to start playing again!

  11. Never stopped playing and its still fun once in a while. Defo time for cs2 though

  12. Iphone 14 pro starts from 1250€ here and i cant be bothered anymore

  13. I just think it's quite clear now that millionaires and corporations control the government and not the other way around. Money is power and not even a politician can have power when they're not supported by campaigns from investors. So why tax them and make them angry? Who's going to support your political party when you taxed their wealth?

  14. Means cyberpunk 2077 style corporate wars are going to become a real thing

  15. Jail for punching someone in the face? Bit excessive isnt it.

  16. Police in Europe: "Please put the weapon down slowly, so we can have a nice chat afterwards."

  17. Police in europe isnt like this only in specific situations. Also every country in europe is different

  18. Ive never ever seen a different womans bathroom to the men’s if they’re next to eachother. Ever

  19. Great colour! My dads a3 has the same, has a nice hue to it

  20. Reminds me of the time my buddies apartment got raided and we were forced to sit in the mud for 45 minutes while 10 officers scoured the place to find a large knife. Meanwhile the drug dealer upstairs flushed his toilet about 30 times in a row so we all, and the 4 officers "controlling" the situation, could clearly hear and understand the mistake that was made.

  21. Remind me of the time i had to empty my car on the side of the road,that was full of stuff and parts, because it was getting towed. And then last second they tell me nahh you can get the stuff out later

  22. It worked, then it didnt work after 1 min the video stops, reimstalled it all and updated everything. Somehow had a newer version then latest. And now it works when im not signed in but when I sign in it says update to the latest version of youtube...

  23. People with epilepsy wouldn't survive

  24. This is the budget version of those star wars rolly thingies

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