1. Yeah, a takeaway meal would be twice the size of a ready meal to start with.

  2. What’s not to like? Custard? Good! Beef? Good!

  3. I was largely ambivalent but then I saw that dog poo video and now I think he’s a really nice bloke.

  4. Had no idea who the guy was, but saw that video and agree he seems a decent bloke.

  5. Seems like the Casualuk Word Nazis like a lie in on a Sunday otherwise they'd be moaning about the words Crimbo and Deco. Maybe you need to say the word holibobs or hubby to summon them?

  6. I just couldn't be bothered to say anything about it - mild head shake of disgust, then move on to the conversation.

  7. They are absolutely worth it if you live rural where the roads aren't gritted as much, or quite far up north (Scotland) and will make more difference to your drivability in winter than 4WD or AWD will. Most people do not bother because they'll get a few days a year out of it and you'll destroy them in summer if you don't swap them out for all season or summer tyres and most people don't have space to store 4 spare tyres over summer, but if you live somewhere where it gets icy and snowy a lot they're worth it.

  8. I'm personally running with that compromise - they're not cheap, but it's worth having good tyres.

  9. 2 years ago ( almost 3) my mum died, I wish it had been my dad. My mum would have supported me through the loss of my dad. But I haven't spoken to my dad in years, he has given me no support. he decided he doesn't need to look out for his children

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your loss - I lost my father at a young age, and as a teenager I have unfortunately said to my mother that the wrong parent died.

  11. I’m management at work so I have to unfortunately. Their are five of us in management and we split the bill between us. Id rather just hand over some money and not go lol

  12. If you think a roast is overrated, you haven't had a good one.

  13. Absolutely - I'm not going to claim to make a good one as I invariably fuck something up, but, even what I cook puts Toby to shame.

  14. With Monzo, each time I tap I get a "you have spent X today, your balance is now y"

  15. You think I'm paying attention to those annoying notifications if I'm pissed?

  16. I use a credit card with cashback for basically all of my spending, but I do pay it off in full every month.

  17. Registry Office and a meal afterwards, did for us.

  18. We're splitting the costs with our parents because they're eager to part with some money and we already have house/other long term investments sorted.

  19. It's interesting, but I also kind of like it. It's essentially we'll pay provided you don't take the piss.

  20. Everyone saying 0 looool. I assume they weren't loans but gifts

  21. I've had a combination over the years, I used to borrow money a lot when I was younger. Most of that I paid back over time, but I think a couple of grand got written off.


  23. I had a guy I used to buy weed from say something like "you look like you can go - you should come down to a game with me".

  24. Can confirm my bank account balance would be much happier without this... several thousand pounds a year happier.

  25. I dropped out of school and I've only every worked minimum wage jobs for short periods in between better jobs. Last time was 2008.

  26. So I always put them in a little foil boat on a tray to capture the leaks.

  27. We all had that friend who invited you over to "play video games" when really they were asking if you wanted to come and "watch me play video games."

  28. I've done the thing of being invited to a girls house and stupidly played the game instead of reading the subtext...

  29. That you didn't read the subtext suggests that you were not ready for that subtext at that time. There is nothing wrong with that.

  30. Possibly, or, it could reflect how fucking clueless I was and the chronic lack of self confidence I had. I was still being mostly blind when I was double that age.

  31. Terry's Chocolate Orange is a stocking essential as far as I'm concerned.

  32. I launched my first rocket in my first save using pure coal power with gun turrets for defence.

  33. Throwing Cucumber slices up a floor to ceiling glass window in the Refectory. The aim of the game was to see which one of us could make it stick the highest. We got 200 lines for good measure too

  34. This is absolutely hilarious - this one does feel very much deserved though.

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